Professor Judy Haiven and the silencing of men on campus

Feminism has long been against men and women having the equal right to speak. We see this in many ways.

Male-only spaces where men talk among men are “breeding grounds for patriarchy,” whereas female-only spaces are “safe spaces” that must be preserved at all costs. A woman talking about sex in public is “empowered” and “liberated,” whereas a man talking doing the same is a sexist who “objectifies women” and “contributes to ‘rape culture.’” The problem of rape – greatly exaggerated – must be rammed down everyone’s throats by feminists at every opportunity, and men as a group must be stigmatized and shamed for something that a minority of men do. But if anyone dares suggest that a minority of women make false rape accusations, all of a sudden such speech must be silenced immediately and with extreme prejudice – even if it means saving innocent men from ruin.

Over at UNews (article here) we hear of the latest institutional misandry coming from feminists. This time it’s spearheaded by Professor Judy Haiven of St. Mary’s University (although this particular event occurred at Dalhousie University). The article begins:

Women should be heard first in the classroom, a forum on misogyny at Dalhousie University heard Thursday. “Men should not be allowed to monopolize these forums,” Saint Mary’s University management professor Judy Haiven said.

So apparently, to “prevent a male monopoly,” a female monopoly must be established. That’s Feminism to a “T,” my friends. But it’s not just an idea professor Haiven is “thinking about.” She’s already doing it.

Her idea that women should always speak first in classroom discussions and at public eventswas brought up several times during the forum. Haiven said she already tries to apply this idea in her own classroom.

“(In) the management department, women get to speak first. I think that that is a primary issue that we actually have to look at, how to do question and answer (periods). And we can start today.”

Naturally, since this is a Feminist event, it would be attended by a great number of Feminists. And what was the Feminist crowd’s response to Haiven’s sexism?

Haiven’s idea was met by a round of applause.

Color me surprised. Queue the “but not all Feminists are like that” brigade who want us to ignore the inconvenient truth that most Feminists are indeed like that – exceptions notwithstanding.

Professor Haiven fails to note the irony in her next remark:

More women are graduating with university degrees than ever before, and often take up the majority of classes, “yet you wouldn’t know that.”

And why wouldn’t we know that, Professor Haiven? Might it have something to do with people being told all their lives that men and boys live on cloud nine all the time simply because they were born male? Might it have something to do with feminists in the media – like Bryce Covert – telling us that we should ignore men’s and boys’ education issues?

But Haiven doesn’t talk about that, of course. She doesn’t inquire into whether the recession of men from our universities might have anything to do with the anti-male atmosphere she and her ideological cohorts create. Forums on misandry are overwhelmingly absent from academic discourse – despite the rampant misandry in academia that establishes an incredible need to discuss it.

And in the midst of this, this woman takes center stage at an event created just for women, in a university where women already take center stage in policy and practice, and tells us that women just don’t have enough privilege.

And in fact, she’s not citing the fact that women are the majority of those attending higher education as an offhanded gesture to care about men. She’s using it as to argue that since women are the majority of those enrolling, it should be a matter of policy that they should be the majority of those heard as well.

Feminism was originally marketed to the public as a movement that would empower marginalized and silenced voices of women. Today, it is about silencing and suppressing the voices of men and boys.

Unfortunately, before the society realized that this was the true face of feminism, we gave them tons of money, influence, and power to do what they said they would do. And then – as the pathological liars that so many of them are – they pulled a bait-and-switch and decided to support every vice they originally claimed to be against. And to top it off, they added the insulting arrogance of claiming they are still “for equality” and insisting that we should be stupid or self-hating enough to believe it.

Feminists wander into my website all the time talking about how the “bad Feminists” are really just “on the margins of the movement.” And time and time again, we see that this is not the case – that the bad Feminists in fact are the movement.

And – surprise, surprise – none of the so-called “good” Feminists even bother to call Professor Haiven out on her sexism. Instead, they applaud.

It’s long past time to get this ideology out of our schools.


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