The Lighthouse: A Beacon of Lies

I am not generally fond of going back six months to cover something.  I am even less fond of it when it requires making any sort of reference to David Futrelle.

But recently a friend pointed to something in the comment section of one of his older columns, which unlike anything Futrelle himself writes, actually does warrant some attention.

Futrelle, it seems, has enlisted supportive comments from a domestic violence advocate that goes by the handle Christine.  This person has very unambiguous views about the MRM and some of its more visible members.

For instance, regarding an article I wrote challenging the idea that women should never be taught personal accountability for rape prevention, which was admittedly worded in the most indelicate terms, she commented, on Futurelle’s site:

“In Elam’s article, there wasn’t a question of whether the woman said yes or no. He is saying that if you buy her drinks, she gets drunk, makes out with you, and goes back to your room with you, then take what you want from her as she deserves it. Apparently, saying NO isn’t an option to him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he speaks from personal experience.”

Aside from the fact that this is an egregious, patently dishonest misinterpretation of what I said, Christine felt it necessary to also include the insinuation that I was a rapist.

Since I have never raped anyone you can imagine I don’t much care for this kind of public insinuation.

This is either based on a failure to understand the intent of the article in the first place, or a lack of desire to understand before ever having read it.

The public insinuation that I am a rapist won’t go without an appropriate public reaction.

She is not at all done with her “commentary.”

She notes, in another Futrelle piece critical of Bill Price of The-Spearhead:

“The MRM is known as the “abuser’s lobby” to those in the justice system and other criminal professionals and you don’t have to read their websites for very long to figure out why”.

OK, now I understand. All of us are abusers, and more, we are an actual lobby for the right to rape and beat women.  Isn’t this exactly what she is saying? Following this line of thinking, of course, she later concludes:

“I don’t think it will be too long before Bill Price and the MRM starts to get credit for promoting violence against women, men (to them, ‘manginas’, cops, and even family court judges on the-spearhead.”

Indeed, she is crediting us for it now, and would very much like to see others do the same. Following up on what can now fairly be described as a self-fulfilling prophesy, she yet again comments:

“@Elizabeth,Good idea, but Peter Nolan lives in Germany. Bill Price, the person who publishes this garbage, lives in Seattle, WA. It is my understanding that Peter Nolan is on some watchlists already. As he should be.”

And now she targets Bill Price, suggesting that he be on some sort of government watch list.

For what? Practicing free speech?

Perhaps there is something to her strategy. In fact, I predicted at the moment I read all these insane reactions to challenging the misandric zeitgeist, that Christine would be getting some attention of her own.

But I do think, as long as she is calling people out by name, making unsupported allegations and calling for Gestapo tactics to be employed against anyone who disagrees with her, then we should help her, effective immediately, to compete on a level playing field.

Her name is Christine Armstrong. She lives and works in Robertsdale, Alabama. She’s employed by The Lighthouse, a domestic abuse services program running on, among other things, your tax dollars.

Christine’s work number is listed as 251-947-6197, and she can be emailed at

And oh yes, here is her picture.

And for the record. My name is Paul Elam. I live in Houston, Texas and my picture is on the “Paul Elam” page listed on the masthead of this website.

And if anyone thinks these kind of fear tactics are going to shut me up, they better think twice.  And even if someone manages to get state functionaries to shut me down, lock me up or kill me, more men and women will stand up and shout the truth till the rafters shake. It has already begun.

Men’s activism is not going anywhere. And unlike women’s advocates, we don’t need the threat of violence from the state to support our cause. We don’t need violence at all.

All we need to do is put some illumination on their dark intentions, and their deceit, because people are beginning to see and understand the sexism and avarice that fuels their entire industry.

Did anyone just hear that sound?

It was a light switching on…in yet another dark room.

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