Just In: Kellett Attempts, Fails, to Obtain Court Order to Gag MRA’s

Just a brief update on the Vladek Filler rape case. It seems there was more action in the case after the team of advocates from S.A.V.E. left Bangor.

According to sources, “The prosecutor (Paul Cavanaugh and Kellett’s assistant) requested for the judge to issue a gag order to silence Vladek and the Men’s Rights Activists.  They mentioned the press conference and the MRA actions and websites, asking the judge to order it stopped. The judge refused stating he had no right to order the media or “men’s groups” to stop following and covering the case.”


Kellett is scared now, and should be.

I assure you  it is not about the Filler case in particular. It is about the fact that there could be, as we approach the court date for Filler, a lot more media starting to ask questions about what Kellett has been up to for all this time.

If that happens, she is fucking done in the justice system, and her license to practice law is toast.  And while I cannot promise success, I can tell you that AVfM has only begun efforts to expose Kellett’s corruption to the world at large.

Mark my word on it.

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