Feminist Gay-Bashing

Jim Doyle(Gingko) tells us all about the radical feminist group Redstockings who were the first to shame men for refusing to cowtow to pussy power. See? MGTOW shaming has a long and storied history among feminists. Of course the men the Redstockings shamed were gay. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]

Panthers only: others need not apply

A “Jaguar” is supposed to be an older woman who is independent, stands on her own, and expects nothing from men except a good time and maybe an equal partnership. Do you think you find many of those for real at places like Jezebel, or just self-entitled bitches who pretend to be like that?[Illustration by Europa Phoenix]

Love and Friendship

Scholar and Man Going His Own Way Peter Wright has a look at people’s ideas about love and marriage throughout history, and concludes that much of what we today call “romance” is a historical aberration starting in the middle ages with the concept of courtly love and the image of white knights on bended knee, begging for a token from their Lady.