Eleven billion US$ won't save your marriage

…but your marriage will cost you a lot more than that.
There is a lot of current pushback against MGTOW (men going their own way) like me these days, especially on youtube. The MGTOW Slapdown includes some of my (now formerly) favorite video-makers like TheWoolyBumbleBee, mykeru, and TheCriticalG. The Slapdown is threatening to fracture the M(H)RM and has already dismasted the masthead of AVfM.
“Don’t run away”; “Don’t give up on women” they chant – their own version of NAWALT. Wooly has just published part one of a vicious seven-part assault on MGTOW and their supporters (like Karen Straughan / GirlWritesWhat), wherein Wooly shits on the idea that MHRM and MGTOW can get along, ironically proving her own toxicity to men while still urging men to see women like her as toxin-free.
“All you have to do is find the right kind of woman” or “maybe you’ve just been attracting the wrong sort of woman” or “maybe you’re not cut out for marriage” or “YOU are what is wrong with the MGTOW” – I got statements like all that from TheCriticalG.
Now, what could possibly be wrong with urging men to get past their anger, and find a nice girl, um, woman, er, stripper to build a life with? (My own cohabitations with strippers were relatively pleasant compared to the “nice” girls – but those are stories for other times.)
Many of the MGTOW have been through hell, and many have lost everything by associating with women. What critics of MGTOW (MGCritters, I call them) seem to fail to grasp is how badly those critics are hurting – hell, torturing – MGTOW by suggesting that we just jump back into relationships with, and thus, slavery to, the women who made our lives hell. There are still countries where women are forced to marry their rapists – that’s a pain the MGCritters might understand, because it is women who are being coerced, but because MGCritters refuse to allow men the space and time to process our anger, pain, and the resulting decisions about what we want in our lives, MGCritters think it is just fine to keep hitting us and hitting us with our own biological drives.
Noted author Stephen Donaldson, writing in The Wounded Land claimed, “There’s only one way to hurt a man who’s lost everything. Give him back something broken.”
And Women are Broken.
They are broken utterly beyond all repair, and it shouldn’t be our fucking job to try to fix them, too – we’re still fighting to save our kids and indeed, ourselves.
They are broken by a culture and technology that flaunt hundreds of successful men and women in front of them every day – images of a wealth and power that maybe one in a million men can attain.
They are broken by victim feminism that never pushes them to do anything other than increase their whining for help and their shaming of men for never giving them enough cookies.
They are broken by a government that promises to Julia them to happiness, rather than making them pursue happiness through their own hard work, like men have to.
They are broken by their own fears to the point where even imagined slights and slight discomforts overwhelm them…
But let’s suppose for a moment that the MGCritters like “theCriticalG” are right – let’s say that somehow men can benefit from relationships (such as marriage) to these women. (It should be noted that I’ve asked “G” repeatedly for one concrete example of a unique benefit that men get from marriage, and his failure to provide one speaks volumes – the best he can do is say things like “she’ll make you a better person” and “it doesn’t have to be an actual marriage”.)
Let’s say a man did everything right.
Let’s say a man became vastly wealthy – so wealthy that he could spend millions of dollars – thousands of millions (billions, by the US reckoning), if necessary, to find, vet, and fall in love with the perfect woman.
“Money pressures” (in the form of hypergamy, I would guess) supposedly cause a lot of marriages to fail, so that should help.
Let’s say that using his resources he managed to find a beautiful, healthy young woman willing to become his wife. Let’s say the couple agreed to an ironclad prenuptial agreement, married and had two fine young children together, and that she was a great mother and wife.
Infertility, poor parenting, sexual incompatibility – other barriers to successful relationships – not a problem here.
Let’s say that she was loyal and loving, and, unlike 99% of women, she had such a vast degree of agency that she was even willing to put her own life at risk to protect her husband from the slightest humiliation.
Let’s say that the man continued to be vastly successful in life, business, love, and family – and then, that his beloved, loyal, perfect wife had an affair.
That man might be Rupert Murdock, net worth 11 Billion dollars or more – for a few more days, anyway. He filed for divorce on Friday, 14 June 2013.
His prenup will be broken; his family will be broken; his media empire will be broken up – and all because he dared to marry a broken woman.
But that’s just anecdotal, one might say – surely it wouldn’t happen again – to another man worth over US$10 Billion – and be reported on the very same day?
If men with that much savvy and that much money can’t find a worthy woman to marry, what the hell hope is there for ANY man? Please, MGCritters, please stop hitting us and let us go our own way in peace – the new billionaire ex-wives are counting on you to keep other wannabe gold-diggers busy with your inestimable, if relatively impoverished, charms.
Marriage is for woman and idiots. Through bitter experience, some of the rest of us are going our own way.
“When you’ve tried all the salves in the world and they don’t work, you start thinking about fire” – The Wounded Land

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