Jim Doyle

Queen for a day

Jim Doyle of Genderratic.com is back with us for a review and update on the seemingly unending culture of victimhood cultivated by feminists. It seems the crops are starting to fail, and the tears are drying up as feminists shed allies and lose support. Women may be waking up from the siren spell of damseling and learning to stand without being supported. Will the fabled strong, independent woman ever become more than a myth?[Illustration by Europa Phoenix.]

Radical Red Stockings

It is hard to build bridges towards gender equality when feminists keep burning them down. Our buddy Jim Doyle at Genderratic.com continues to expose the foundational misandry of feminism, and offers his version of an oath designed to rid feminism of their class hatred of men: kiss patriarchy theory goodbye. Happy July 4th, ladies, and enjoy the fireworks. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Feminist Gay-Bashing

Jim Doyle(Gingko) tells us all about the radical feminist group Redstockings who were the first to shame men for refusing to cowtow to pussy power. See? MGTOW shaming has a long and storied history among feminists. Of course the men the Redstockings shamed were gay. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]