Just Plain Crazy

Naomi’s sweet honey-hole

Sometimes, men need to regain some perspective – back away from the fray, take some deep breaths, and re-center themselves around that one thing that matters most in all the universe – the vagina. The galactic spiral of cosmic creation positively drips with reverence for the goddess-mummy-lover, and a worthy Jason Gregory seeks to kiss the ring of power in all its divine, scientific glory-holiness. May the limp dicks abide forever. [Lines by Europa; Spot colour by Typhonblue]

Seven years in hell

Mix one part Violence Against Women Act, one part Patriot Act, one part Duluth Model, and shake like crazy. Strain and serve during court hearings over a rocky custody battle to a drug-abusing ex-wife. The toxic, teeth-rattling backlash will make chemotherapy seem like a cakewalk. Just ask our intrepid Della Burton, who saw the whole excruciating ordeal play out first hand. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Feminist Gay-Bashing

Jim Doyle(Gingko) tells us all about the radical feminist group Redstockings who were the first to shame men for refusing to cowtow to pussy power. See? MGTOW shaming has a long and storied history among feminists. Of course the men the Redstockings shamed were gay. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]