Feminist Censorship

Let’s talk about those rape posters

Demonizing a class of people for the crimes of a few is the hallmark of hate, and the tool of racists, sexists, and…feminists? Our gynocentric culture is quietly accepting of the routine hatred of men as a class, but awareness of this insidious malady is starting to spread, and Janet Bloomfield has had just about enough of it. Oh, boy, has she. Watch out, haters, the Judgy Bitch is in the house.

Fusk You SRS!

Katie J.M. Baker, Erin Gloria Ryan, and the people at Jezebel are hypocrites and bigots. But you probably knew that. If you’re familiar with Reddit, you’ll also know this is true of the Stalinist group “ShitRedditSays,” and that the website Gawker is tied to all these thugs. If you don’t know about all this, Della Burton’s got an amusing story to tell you about some of their older hijinks, which just goes to show they never change.[Illustration by Typhonblue]