Facebook censorship update: Mapping the money

Almost two weeks ago I posted a call to action for MHRAs to assist me in gathering information on the signatories of WAM!’s ultimatum, issued to Facebook regarding alleged misogyny on the social network site. A crack team of fifteen compassionate people formed out of their own free will, and the result is a forty-three page PDF that is still a work in progress. You can review the latest PDF snapshot and see what we are working with. The AVFM editorial staff and the NCFM are going to review the report for accuracy. It is important that we report facts, and only facts.
The PDF was a living document distributed in time-stamped snapshots (with superfluous content removed), which is obviously inefficient when a wiki is available. We are porting the document to a format the wiki can work with. Needless to say, no new PDF snapshots will be generated because of this.
Going forward, you can help by:

  1. Fact checking the PDF and leaving feedback in the comments on this article.
  2. Add new content to the gathered information on the Wiki once the existent content is ported.

Please do not suggest new content in the comments. We will worry about that when the wiki pages are up.
You will need permission to be able to work on the Wiki, which you can get by following instructions on the AVFM Reference permissions page.
Let this be an exercise in peer review. As insinuated, this is an organic process with a lot of uncertainties. Mistakes are expected, so take nothing here at face value. Start with the assumption that the PDF, the budding Wiki page and the comments on this article are suspect.
Our ultimate goal is map out the flow of money in feminist organizations. The signatories are a gateway into a massive project where we can measure the scale of our opposition. Knowing where the money goes gives us new insights into the inner workings of misandric culture, and we need you to help open our  eyes.

Readers, please note that this week is our quarterly fundraiser. If you enjoy the articles, radio shows and activism that come from this website and our forums, please consider visiting our donation button at the top right so that we can bring all of this to you in the future. Thank you.

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