Ally Fogg goes native

Ally Fogg is not a feminist. In other news David Duke is not a racist. Hillary Clinton had to evade sniper fire in Bosnia. Pete Rose never bet on baseball and Al Gore invented the internet. Well, at least Elly Tams is here with something that rings true.

Come the Revolution

Right, left and centrist governments each tend to fall prey to expansionism by withdrawing power, money and freedom from individuals, and accruing it to themselves and their institutions. Kalan Chinuck suggests that courting of partisan politics will not solve the increasingly oppressive power of governments today; he points to alternative ways to help usher in the revolution.

MGTOW and female disapproval

Today more and more men are opting out of society’s restrictive male roles and going their own way, but some women are finding it difficult to adjust to the trend because they are not used to men living outside of the plans, grace and favour of women. Anja Eriud encourages men to keep going their own way.