False Rape Culture

Why Rape Culture is Essential to Feminism

If feminism is primarily concerned with equality, why is it that feminists are so adamant in their vilification of the masculine and the angelification of the feminine? Why are feminists so insistent that all men are potential rapists, wife beaters, and child molesters? Why is the existence of rape culture so important? If feminism were …

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All women are pedophiles and that’s all they are

There have been innumerable, wanton characterizations of men as sexual deviants over the last few decades. This was reflected on directly by Marilyn French, who penned the idea that  “All men are rapists and that’s all they are.” Perhaps, in her quest for social justice, though, she neglected to consider the part of equality that …

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Breaking Bad: The Male as Designated Criminal

While presumptive guilt in accusations of male-on-female rape is wrestled over by activists and lawmakers, another point is missed, and that’s the point that the construct within western society of the rule of law based in the principle of justice is no longer operative in reality. The rule of law still operates of course, but it has become the rule of private law, where criminal and civil laws are applied differentially depending on social class.

War=Good, Sex=Evil

When an article that paints Assange as “a man of strong sexual appetites who is not averse to exploiting his fame” can’t find a single thing to substantiate the rape charges, what are the chances that a single male reader will not see this as a wake-up call?