Assange to be Extradited, Tyranny Marches On, Valenti Orgasms

The inevitable has happened. Julian Assange has lost his fight against extradition to Sweden, where he will go to face rape charges. His conviction is almost as much a given as the rubber stamp ruling of the British judge that is about to hand him over to the Swedes.
It’s a story with an abundance of subtexts. As gender ideologues rail about his vile but completely unproven predatory habits with women, and mindless American nationalists chant for him to be burned alive for seditious criminality – just as imagined as his rapes, there is the certainty that the truly germane implications of this story will be lost in the media melee.
The facts are simple, here. Assange exposed and embarrassed a number of powerful government functionaries across the planet. He will pay for that, and it matters not whether he did anything illegal, as evidenced by the fact he is being extradited for alleged rapes that Swedish prosecutors found no merit in before American intervention into their legal system.
Can you imagine for a moment what sort of flimsy nature that allegations of rape must have to be rejected by prosecutors…in fucking Sweden? Sweden is to feminism and misandry what Columbia is to cocaine and car bombs. This is the same country that is considering putting the burden on men to prove innocence of rape rather than the onus being on the state to prove guilt. (Our very own überbitch Jessica Valenti gives the idea thumbs up for The States.)
And that brings into play the other fact.
For years MRA’s have been branded as delusional for the belief that feminism, rather than being a movement for equality, is in reality just a push for female privilege at male expense. It’s the modern equivalent of theories pushing the idea that Earth was not the center of the universe – in the age of Copernicus.
But it is really the least of evils that feminist doctrine is visiting on the western world. As we see it play out, the equal but special status gifted to women in western culture is just a secondary symptom of a much more primary affliction. What we are actually seeing here, and will see more of in the future, is that feminism is just one of many State instruments used for reprisals against anyone it chooses, at will. And it will ultimately result in the oppression of everyone, not just men.
Have you ever wondered why you see feminism and egregiously sexist pro female laws being enacted in the most unlikely of places? We now have women only parking spots (extra wide for bad drivers) popping up all over South Korea.
We have women only train cars in India, where the cops, if you are a male unfortunate enough to wander into one of those cars, will supervise your beating and humiliation by female passengers. If you happen to run in to an especially hard core enforcer, he will throw you off the train, while it is still moving.
In China the divorce rate is climbing at a rate that would impress Robert Goddard, all since the adoption of “western values” that commenced in earnest in 1979.
That’s western, read FEMINIST, values. Not so coincidentally China, which still maintains state control of printing presses, has also been churning out a quickly building library of feminist literature.
And of course we are seeing all manner of United Nations efforts to help the spread of feminist ideology across the globe.
If you want to understand all this, you need to take a different tack than just following the money.
This time follow the subjugation.
The principle is simple.  Women control men. The State controls women, and by that extension, everyone else. Men are, by nature, too weak to stand up to it, because it would mean standing up to women. And women are, also by nature, too self-interested, hypergamous and gullible to resist the carrot the State is ever dangling in front of their faces.
So all you have to do in order to exert total government control – with voluntary acquiescence – is effectively exploit the innate characteristics of men and women.  Give women speshul status, a parking spot here, a train car there, an arts degree that makes them feel educated when the opposite is true; feed them a constant entitlement message and point a villainous finger at men who are cornered into the position from which their only way out is at the risk of sexual rejection and female ridicule.
Voilà, a great big pair of shiny social handcuffs and a blanket gag that the general population will line up for with smiles on their faces.
And it leaves governments in the position that all governments just love to be in:
Free to do whatever the hell they want with scarcely a worry that anyone will object, much less rebel. And a quick remedy for the few that will.
If you think that is one hooting howl of a freakazoid conspiracy theory, perhaps you can explain why Gloria Steinem’s efforts were funded by the CIA.
To understand it better, consider what this has netted women.  Sure, we have more women C.E.O.’s than we used to have, doctors and lawyers too, most all of them towing the feminist line. But the average woman has now only moved into the most powerless of all positions; that which was formerly occupied by western men.
They have become low rent providers, who, because they don’t have the skills or resources for comfortable self-sufficiency, turn to the state for the confiscated earnings of men. They demand and get a state apparatus that redistributes just enough male income their way add a slice of cheese to their fast food burger at lunch, but they are nowhere near roaring like Helen Reddy.  For every Martha Stewart there are tens of thousands of bus riding, paycheck to paycheck living wage slaves.
The only roar you hear from them is when they open the light bill.
I am sure arts degrees feel good on graduation day, but what they lead to for most women is dead end, low paying jobs shuffling paper and trying futilely to maintain happiness while wearing the corporate anchor around their rapidly aging and increasingly single necks.
It has left legions of them downing anti-depressants like popcorn and droning endlessly about the fact that there are no good men left.
And despite their meager incomes, the state is collecting their tax dollars and spending part of it to keep convincing them their poverty and discontent is a function of patriarchal sexism.
It pretty effectively keeps their fingers on the trigger, fueling a production line of would be accusers. Pity, though, as time goes by they don’t seem to be catching on to the fact that they have been played all along.
And used like pawns, just as they are in the Assange case.
Sure, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen are two lying skanks that are likely reveling in the idea that they can send an innocent man to prison.  And no doubt their actions are causing tingles of anticipation, starting in hyper-feminist Sweden and crossing the waters fast enough to make Valenti cream her pants right here in America the Beautiful.
But the big picture here is bigger than the combined ass flesh of all the bimbos involved.  This is not just the typical female finger pointing we have been accustomed to in the western world.  This is a state orchestrated frame job, using one of the more powerful weapons in their arsenal, modern women. Skeezers Ardin and Wilen are just useful idiots in a game they lack the intellectual capacity to comprehend.
I can almost hear the conversation that happened at the American State Department.
Government thug A: Unfortunately he hasn’t broken any laws.
Government thug B: Shit! There has to be something we can do.
Government thug C: Hey, wait a minute. Wasn’t he in Sweden once?
Thugs A, B and C, all smiles.  From there on it was just a matter of a few phone calls.
In a culture typified by brainwashed women, who can somehow manage sufficient denial to believe that being on the strings of puppeteers is empowerment, any sort of abuse is possible.  And as we can easily see in the Assange case, it is happening in front of an entire world that can’t, and won’t, see it for what it is.
I don’t know for sure if MRA’s will ever become the threat to governments that Julian Assange is, but I do know one thing for sure.  As much as I would like to meet Pelle Billing and shake his hand, he will have to come here for the occasion.

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