False Rape Culture

Rape Culture: Female Scam, Male Nightmare

Oh yeah, 12 year old Johnny should be high fiving it because his 36 year old math teacher groomed him into satisfying her perverse sexual needs. Maybe his celebration will end when she comes back pregnant and sues him for child support, and wins because the same judicial system that convicted her for raping him now thinks he is liable for the child that rape produced.

The Great White Lie

The Canadian government cooperates with a neighboring government in supplying false information, and is complicit in sending an innocent, peaceful, married father in his thirties straight to hell, to be beaten for hours at a time, days on end, with shredded cables, while listening to other men scream. For this, they are “sorry.” So what?

An Open Letter to Sgt. Art Eld, Orlando Police Department

We will never know, Sergeant Eld, just how many men are languishing in prisons right now because a woman had consensual sex with them and later regretted it, or because, as we saw in the Hofstra case, a woman wanted to cover herself with her boyfriend- and because those types of claims are often treated by police as factual with no evidence. It is, just as the story said, an epidemic problem, and clearly not just with the women making the allegations.

Yawning at Hofstra

And that is precisely what men are becoming. They are like dumb animals that wander onto the super highway of gender politics, unable to grasp the concept of speed and Mac Trucks. After getting hit, the ones who don’t get squashed flat simply limp off to the shoulder, covering their pain with a smile and saying, “Please, ma’am, may I have another?”