The Impetuous Battle of Good vs. Good

This manifests within our own lives as a desire to simplistically define both our perceived enemies and ourselves within two constricting ethical boxes that necessarily must be eternally set against one another. One is labeled ‘Good,’ and the other ‘Evil.’ The effect is to contrive a setup that would be deserving of any story worth being told.

The Men’s Movement- Fair, but Imbalanced

I have to wonder why they would find it necessary to tell a feather being weighed against a hammer about the importance of ‘balance.’ It would seem that in this circumstance, the most efficient way to promote balance is to somehow address the massive weight of the hammer. These people would better spend their time in search of equality and fairness if they did exactly what the men’s movement aims to do: strengthen the wills of men and tear down the zero-sum benefits women gain at the expense of men and civilization.