Shrink4Men Radio: Rethinking Female Sociopathy


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Does your wife, girlfriend, ex or partner’s ex have a Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde personality?

Does she have a “good mask” that she shows the outside world while subjecting you and/or the kids to her cruel and abusive side?

Does she have little to no empathy or selective empathy?

Does she throw a temper tantrum, rage, pout or allege “Abuse!” when you try to hold her accountable for her bad behaviors?

Does she value you (and others) based on what you can do for her or what she can get from you? In other words, does she see people as objects of utility?

Does she lie, cheat, use violence and other forms of intimidation and manipulate to get her way or to “win?”

Does she have scorn and contempt for the people she victimizes or “pulls one over on?”

Has she ever threatened to destroy you and/or tried to make good on her threats?

Does she only recognize her rights and believe she’s entitled to violate the rights of others?

Does she have a gross sense of entitlement?

Does she blame others for her own failures, bad decisions and bad behaviors?

If so, your wife, girlfriend, ex or partner’s ex may have sociopathic traits or be a full-blown sociopath.

Historically, men have been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder far more than women. Female sociopaths exist, it’s just that we use different terminology to identify them.

It’s time to rethink the qualifiers of female sociopathic behavior, which Dr Tara J. Palmatierof Shrink4Men will be discussing during this Shrink4Men Radio episode.

The telephone lines will be open, so if you have questions, stories or thoughts on this topic, please call in (310 388 9709) or Skype in. And Happy Halloween!

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