Robert Brockway

Robert is concerned for the welfare of men and boys in modern society. In particular he is concerned about the effects of widespread misandry in society and gender biases in addressing domestic violence and intimate partner violence. He advocates for men's rights for the next generation of men and women. Robert is the president of the Australian Men's Rights Association Inc and is the owner and publisher of A Voice for Men.

Wanted – Editors for Wiki4Men

Are you an MRA or anti-feminist and not sure how to contribute? Consider signing up as an editor for Wiki4Men. Put in as much or as little effort as you like. Can you beat the edit count of the active users? Instructions for applying are on the front page of Wiki4Men.

Cracked mud and Spinefex bushes.

Southern Oscillation

The phrase Southern Oscillation may not be familiar to many, especially those outside Australia. The Southern Oscillation is an atmospheric phenomenon in the South Pacific Ocean connected to the better-known El Niño. When the El Niño-Southern Oscillation is occurring Australia gets dryer while South America gets wetter. Both areas often suffer natural disasters – drought …

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At any time

Famous science fiction author Robert Heinlein wrote about the crazy years. This was a period of history in his stories in which technology rapidly advanced while society broke down. In 1941 Heinlein wrote: Considerable technical advance during this period, accompinied (sic) by a gradual deterioration of mores, orientation and social institutions, terminating in mass psychoses …

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A response to Jennifer Duke on superannuation

Australia runs a nearly universal superannuation system in which virtually all employees are paid an additional 9.5% over their wage or salary. This money locally called super is put away for retirement with few avenues to access the money before then. This enforced savings has made Australians among the wealthiest people in the world. Some …

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Censorship in academia in real-time

Recently an article was published in the open-access journal Nature Communications. This article, entitled The association between early career informal mentorship in academic collaborations and junior author performance suggests that less experienced female scientists benefit more from mentorship by more experienced male scientists than more experienced female scientists. Of course, feminists are demanding that the …

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Flag of the Republic of Haiti

Haiti raises men’s and boys’ issues at the United Nations Human Rights Council

I have recently been in contact with a representative of the Government of the Republic of Haiti who advised that they raised men’s and boys’ issues at the United Nations Human Rights Council. The representative strongly believes this is the first time that men’s and boys’ issues have been raised at the Human Rights Council. …

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