Tonight we let loose the dogs of war

OK, M.R.A’S, it is Tuesday night again; time for another round of straight talk from A Voice for Men.  We have a couple of new and important features that will be launched tonight in a show from that will be upping the ante for men’s activism, online and beyond.

Tonight will mark the debut of JTO as cohost of the show.  This promises to put a little nitro in the carb, making your listening experience all the better, and you know who’s all the fucking worse.  JTO and I are going to be talking about one of your favorite subjects: Calling out the ideological destroyers of men and boys, by name. And how to get them.

This isn’t just the topic of tonight’s show, but a precursor to what you will see a lot more of in the days to come from AVfM and AVfM radio.  We have been kicking ass and taking names for a while now, but our general focus has been more on the asses than on the names that go with them.

We have begun to discover that we are gaining the power to do what has been sorely missing for far too long.

Make them run and hide like the cowards that they are.

The days of corrupt prosecutors going unexposed are coming to an end. As are the days of reps from the sexual grievance industry slandering our names and the image of the MRM.

As it is stated, explicitly and plainly, in our mission statement:

[It is the goal of AVfM] To promote the legal and nonviolent antagonism of all agents of misandry, from members of academe, to holders of public office, to law enforcement and other state functionaries, to popular bloggers and to corporate agents who promote misandry for profit;

Tonight we are making that aspect of our mission objective number 1.

Make no mistake, it will be a slow, hard battle. It will take years, and some will pay a price for the fight. Nonetheless tonight we begin waging it in earnest.

Tonight we begin to either destroy our enemies, or force them to crawl back into the dark holes from whence they came.

It’s a round table discussion of strategy from AVfM Radio, and you are invited.

Here is the show information, including the call in number.

We start at 8:00 pm Central Time, US.

A Target List for Your Convenience.

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