Zeta Camp


The scenic pic above is where we will be a year from now, for those men that that can make it, and can hack it.

It is the first annual Zeta Camp, and we are planning it a year in advance to give everyone who wants to attend time to prepare, both financially and physically.

There are quite a few details to be sorted out, but the basics are in place.  On a day to be named in July of 2012 we will meet in Denver, Colorado, then caravan for 3 ½ to 4 hours to the edge of the Indian Peaks Wilderness area.  We will stay in hotel rooms that night and meet for a very early breakfast before starting the 2-4 hour hike to an isolated campground that sits up at about 9,500 feet in elevation.

Yes, that is a long, hill and dale hike at nearly two miles up, where the air is thinner than an anorexic crack whore.  So some things become very important, like gear for all possible weather, some reasonable physical conditioning and a good bit of determination.

We will be leaving any and all tendency to whine in the staging area.

At the end of the hike we will set up camp and settle in for three nights in some of the most spectacular country in America.

Our guide for this trip will be AVfM Radio Show producer Keyster, with yours truly and JTO on the assist.

Sorry ladies, this is a for men only outing, no exceptions. And sorry blue pillers, this is for MRA’s only. Your application to attend will be based on whether you are known to us as an MRA.

Time to reclaim a little male space, zeta style.

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