Once More, This Time With Anger

I generally don’t make it a habit to bite my tongue.  That being said, I don’t generally make it a habit either to go out of my way piss off the highly valued contributors to this site and other good MRA’s across the sphere.

I am possibly going to make an exception to that last one now. Truth tell, I am too tired and frustrated to much care. We have a petition that has been sitting on the front page of this website to disbar Mary Kellett for weeks, trying to get 1000 signatures.  We are not there yet.  An innocent man’s life and future are on the line because of a corrupt feminist bitch in a position of power and we are not there yet.

OK, so not everyone may think the case of one man is worth two minutes of their time, or not every supposed MRA blogger out there wants to dedicate space on their blog for the petition.  Obviously that must be the case, because the petition is coming down in less than a week and we will be short of signatures.

Is anyone besides me sick of this shit?

So here is the deal. It has been suggested to me by a very well known and highly respected (at least by me) activist and confidant that I should consider shutting down the comments on this site in order to free my time up for the activism that I could be doing in its stead.  Actually, it has been suggested for quite some time.

I have refused the idea so far because I think the comments are good venting, needed by a lot of men, and because I think they have helped with traffic and exposure.

But, gentlemen and ladies, I am starting to wonder if I need to make some sort adjustment here.  And I think I have a plan.  All of you, though, who have contributed sterling comments, funds to the site, written material, artwork and moral support might have something to say about this and I will welcome your opinions.

I am seriously considering making the commenting here invitation only, and only for activists that are contributing to this site in one way or another.

I know that is an extreme move, but the wisdom of lessening my daily activities here is becoming more apparent with the radio show going back on the air and especially considering that with the addition of Neal Hansen we are going to enter a new realm of activism that will demand even more time and effort.

AVfM has established itself with enough backlinks and consistent visits at this point that we are not likely to suffer too badly from the loss of traffic from non activist commenters, who generally contribute nothing to AVfM or the MRM.

I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this before I make the call.

In the meantime, here is another petition. It was posted here a week back. It is a petition demanding that Change.org create a petition category for men and men’s rights.  It is a brilliant idea and could be a viable weapon. But look at the abysmal number of signatures!

We get criticism sometimes, even among ourselves, that we talk too much and do too little.  Some of it is warranted.  So, with respect I ask everyone the following. Have you signed this petition? If so, have you posted it to your facebook profile? If you have a blog has it been posted there?  How many other people have you asked to sign it?  How many times have you linked to it in a mainstream forum while you were railing at them about some crappy misandric story they were running?  How many MRA sites have you suggested it to?

I am not trying to tell anyone what to do, but I am suggesting to the activists that come to this site that it may be time that people who cannot give an affirmative answer to two or more of those questions within ten minutes of reading this may not be who WE want on this site sucking up air and doing little else.



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