Good women (and why that’s a red herring)

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]rom time to time, some critics of the Manosphere like to point out that there “are good women out there.”  The implication of this statement is that somehow MGTOWers/MRAs/PUAs/whatever-you-call-yourself have collectively failed to recognize the ability of women to be selfless, moral, jolly good fellows, and all that.  So, what do I say to that?  Yes, there are good women out there.  And your point is …. ?

There are good women out there just like there are good people who have the misfortune of living in very dangerous urban slums.  Are you expecting me to walk in such areas at night and sing the theme tune to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?  Do you think many “good women,” let alone other men such as myself, would do that?

The issue is not the existence of good women.  The issue is that society reflects the aspirations of malicious women in law, politics, academia, business, media, modern religion, the dating scene, the home, etc.  What are the “good women” doing in the mean time?  No-o-o-o-thing.

Ok, I exaggerate there.  I acknowledge the woman here and there who “gets it.”  But let’s face it:  Jane Q. Public does not seem to be all that bothered by what malicious women are allowed to do.  Jane Q. Public does not seem to be all that bothered by the suffering men are experiencing on all levels due to said malicious women: political, economic, social, relational, emotional, mental, and physical.   What “concern” is shown to men is often couched in cynical, utilitarian terms (how a given issue impacts women).

Here’s another matter to consider:  What does your definition of a “good woman” entail, anyway? A friendly female coworker may be outgoing with you, the life of the party, generous with her friends, and yet come home and treat her husband like dog feces.  The nice girl next door who goes to church, who loves her parents, loves her brother, loves Jesus, who volunteers at the soup kitchen, may nonetheless feel it’s perfectly within her right to slap a man hard in the face and yet expect him to doing nothing in return except stand there and apologize.  In other words, the problem isn’t necessarily women who are deliberately evil.  Rather, it’s “good women” who don’t even have a clue how unjust and harmful their behavior is towards men.

I know a lot of “good women” in real life.  I love ’em, but honestly, they need to smell the java and get a revelation.

So, when some bucko tells me there are “good women out there,” I dismiss the fact as a red herring.  When it comes to the problem of misandry, I couldn’t give two flips of a raccoon’s hindquarters on a hot August night with regard to talking about said women.  Just as I won’t walk in a high-crime neighborhood at night until some developers turn it all into a well-lit shopping complex with fountains, bistros, and a truckload of security guards, I won’t be singing paeans too loudly to “good women” just yet.  Not until a critical mass of these “good women” say “enough of this garbage” and demonstrate they really do genuinely care about men.  I want to see these so-called “good women” shout down malicious women, not honorable men.

I don’t even debate “NAWALT.”  It’s not even on my game table.  The Collective Sisterhood of NAWALT has their work cut for them.  To quote a famous character in the Star Wars trilogy, “Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral.  I want that ship.”

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