World Net Daily covers MRM: actually speaks to mra’s, thousands shocked

Lucifer must be lacing up his ice skates. A prominent, mainstream conservative website,, has done an article on the men’s movement, and the author, Phil Elmore, made some groundbreaking changes from the standard blue pill fare we are so used to being served up with Cheese Covered Wacky Fries and a side of bullshit.

One, the article was written with a good measure of objectivity. Yes, that is OB-JEC-TIV-I-TY.  You will need to practice saying this in the same sentence with the word mainstream.

Second, you will find that Elmore actually talked to MRA’s to gather quotes for the piece.  Yes, let me say that again for those shell-shocked. Elmore actually talked to MRA’s to gather quotes for the piece. You will see quotes from myself, Bernard Chapin, and Dr. T, with a mention of John the Other, as well as the much beloved Angry Harry. Not a trace to be found of Michael Kimmel or any other badly cloaked feminist ideologue purporting to speak to the issues of men.

If there is water in hell it will stay in its liquid state, and if not it will be frozen as solid as Harry’s nose.

Read the article here, and I expect we can predict a significant amount of commenting on the piece.  I am quite sure most of you won’t want the voices of raging fembots and shaming white knights to be the only ones there.

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