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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n March 2011 – I wrote “Mainstream feminism is the largest, most successful scam perpetrated on the public since the inception of central banking and fiat currency – and most of the public haven’t caught onto those yet either.” I may have been wrong – feminism might predate those innovations. However, whichever came first, the operative phrase is “scam perpetrated on the public.”

A major item in the cultivated narrative of feminist doctrine is the quaint myth that it is a bottom-up, grass-roots movement. Even within an ideology built almost entirely on a framework of lies – this lie is a big one. The truth, once understood, reveals a depth of willful depravity in the vast majority of feminist ideology’s adherents.

Feminism is not a grass roots, bottom up movement. It is top down, elitist instigated and funded astroturf with real objectives that have no relation to human rights or social equality between men and women. What’s a worse indictment of the gullible public is that this is obvious with the most cursory examination.

This can be seen by the ideology’s produced outcomes – one of which is the reduction of the social power of the family unit as a fundamental unit of society. By isolating individuals from the social support of traditionally strong family framework, this has rendered our culture much more pliable to top-down social control. Another is the reduction of the economic value of labor by the doubling of the available labor pool. This was sold to a credulous mainstream under the guise of giving women the “right” to work. In the year 2011, most feminists still don’t grasp that they were conned.

That feminism is a movement created by the world’s elites and fed to women through lies and flattery is also evident when start-up funding for feminist institutions comes through governments or from hereditary banking families like the Rockefellers.

Gloria Steinem was financed during her startup of Ms Magazine indirectly by the the CIA and the Rockefeller foundation. [1] This was documented New York Times article in February 1967[1]. and confirmed by Henry Markow in a 2002 article called “How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society”[2].

Before becoming an icon of second wave feminism, Steinem was employed by the CIA to disrupt student organizations, and funnel information to her CIA handlers. During the time she was starting Ms. Magazine, she dated Henry Kissinger – a matter of public record. Amazingly, nobody seems to think this saps the credibility of the movement she helped launch.

Looking farther back, It becomes evident that at every stage of feminism’s run, it has been funded and instigated by political and financial elites. Organized female activism has taken many formats – including women’s temperance movements as an early outgrowth of female social conservatism. This also included women’s suffrage movements all of which were facilitated with the cooperation of political and economic elites to diminish the political power of enfranchised men in society.

If women ran the world, there would be no war.

In 1914 despite widespread pro war propaganda, male enthusiasm for shipping off to go get slaughtered in foreign battlefields was low. To overcome the reluctance of young men to get themselves killed or maimed for the benefit of a few hereditary elites and royals, Admiral Charles Fitzgerald began organizing a groups of women to help “convince” the men of Britain to enlist.

Using public humiliation, the objective of these groups was to shame civilian men into joining the armed services. “This aim was to be accomplished by public humiliation — the women handing out white feathers to any man who did not wear a uniform.  The feathers were intended as a badge of disgrace, branding the men who received them as cowards, the primary effect of which as to render them as unsuitable in the eyes of women. “The Order of the White Feather” and their recruiting methods quickly spread across Britain. Women of all backgrounds contributed their influence to the war effort.”

“(Gullace, “White Feathers” 178) The zeal and the scope of this gendered phenomenon was paralleled only by the contemporaneous movement for suffrage — a movement which, right before the war, had reached a radical pitch. It is in the radical nature of “The White Feather Brigade” — the confrontational method which was employed by these women toward men — that a tactical tie is evidenced between the pro-suffrage and pro-enlistment movements. It is in the motives and movements of Emmeline Pankhurst that an ideological connection is discovered between the feminine pro-war demonstration of the “White Feather Girls” and the Suffragists.”

A feminized society shaming men into compliance is not merely a relic of the past. Feminists and women shaming men into compliance with an entirely self serving definition of masculinity is actually a core component of an ideology that masquerades as humanism. The only possibly new element is that growing numbers of men are refusing to play along. Understanding among a small but growing fraction of our culture is that feminism is a fraudulent sham, built on lies and violence, which depends totally on suppressing the humanity of the penis-owning half of the population.

The shaming language used today is only slightly more sophisticated than the label ”coward” of the “go get killed in a freezing trench” campaign of feminists in the 1st world war.

[box type=”download” icon=”none”]“The child-man, then, is the lost son of a host of economic and cultural changes: the demographic shift I call preadulthood.”
― Kay Hymowitz, Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys.[/box]

Hymowitz is partly correct in her evaluation of modern men. Specifically, she’s correctly spotted the rising trend of men refusing to self sacrifice as protector-provider-appliance.

Another ideologue building a career on publicly excoriating the male demographic who just don’t cater to female convenience is the CEO of the humorously named “Concerned Women of America.” Just like many other confused social conservatives the penny has dropped for Penny Nance.

“We think they’re [men] an essential part of the American family. However we want them to feel the pressure to achieve, to put down the remote, to go find a job.”

Hear that guys? Stop self-actualizing and get back to paying for women’s shit and dying on the job.

To date, even in the ongoing and fraudulent chorus of pay inequity from feminists – no mainstream feminist has ever addressed the rate of workplace deaths among men. Did you know that for every 100 american workers who die on the job – 7 of them are women! Those poor, poor, women.

For that matter – for every 4 people who kill themselves – 1 is a woman! For god’s sake – somebody help the poor females. What’s that you say? What about the other 3 out of 4 dead bodies who happened to be men? Pay no attention to the piles of male corpses behind the curtain.

These dead men, by the way, are the glue of a feminized society. Dead and mutilated men are the byproduct of keeping everyone else comfortable, and shaming men back into the trenches of war or the zero sum game of protect-provide-sacrifice on behalf of a culture which values male utility but not male humanity.

Feminism, in its nakedest form is the radical notion that men are not people. The violence which overwhelmingly impacts men is feminism’s dirty secret. The continued and escalated narrative of female victimhood and male villainy is designed to always keep men on a psychological defence, silenced, compliant and apologetic, while they keep serving, providing and dying. Keep everybody focused on female victimhood, even when its created from whole cloth – this is the smoke and mirror show to distract us.

However, this is now so overwhelmingly obvious that even men who would otherwise be unaware followers of convention are rejecting the acceptable model. Aware adults of both sex are also increasingly alert that the overriding cultural feminist narrative is a great big lie. As those invested in maintaining the status quo; – social conservatives and feminists attempt by commentary and legislation to reinforce and command obeisance.

Unfortunately for them, the truth comes packaged with some painful adjustments, requiring the abandonment of comforts and privileges. The harder these so-cons and ideologues fight to enforce male compliance to an outmoded paradigm of human disposability – the more it’s going to hurt when choice to face reality is taken out of their control.



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