AVfM Radio: How to make a male bomb

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London is burning. So far, 525 people have been arrested, 44 police officers have been injured and one man is dead. Untold buildings have burned to cinders while streets have been trashed and overrun by demonstrators.

The mainstream media is covering every last detail of the crisis that erupted after the police shooting death of Mark Duggan, a local resident of Tottenham. News agencies are investigating every nuance of the story; except, of course, why it is actually happening.

Politicians have begun posturing and making public statements; pointing fingers and drawing lines between the supposed lawful and the lawless; the decent and the depraved.  And of course they are targeting anyone but themselves and anything but their policies that have left young men disenfranchised and disaffected. The havoc continues, and tonight on AVfM Radio hosts Paul Elam and JtO will make easy work of a simple issue:

Why young men get angry when police gun them down in the street.


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