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Science on the Fly! (Agaric that is)

I’m going to twist a few concepts here, but I figure I’ve got the license to do it, particularly if truth is based on repetition rather than substance. This one is rarely touched on or addressed so it’s like the man on the moon thing “one small step”. This is a cruise missile concept that will lead in a direction that for some who have been there will know exactly what I’m saying. For others, hey like you might enjoy this for its implications or the contemplative result.  We’ve all read articles on several blogs about masculinity the whole “man up” bullshit and the twisted concepts of masculine facade fashion.  Some of us have even written about it.

Well we have something different ladies and gentle-mra’s ! Exclusively for the folks of this great blog, here on this stage tonight for your viewing pleasure I will attempt a feat unparalleled  and unprecedented and as yet a feat never before attempted. In my right hand I will be juggling several orbs of logic, applying unparalleled dexterity and agility in an attempt to suspend gravity and levitate said orbs, while in my left hand I will attempt to enjoy myself. That’s right friends notice there is in fact nothing up my sleeves and additionally ladies and gentle-mra’s you will notice upon close inspection that in fact my left hand is un-lubricated, and my fly is up.

Watch closely friends and be truly amazed.

If you thought the musings on masculinity were somehow strange and confusing it may simply be a misleading presentation with a purpose. It is for the most part unknown to us as men as it is rarely considered and more often argued that the nature of the masculine and feminine union that resides in a man is unknowable. I will attempt to argue that these aspects are knowable and that they do migrate and produce a resonating and harmonic effect. These are all unsupported musings, but they do resonate.

Consider Orb 1

Structure in and of itself is multi directional, it’s fundamental logic resides in its ability to repeat itself. Non repetitive structures become a subject of interest, somewhat chaotic; a state in which we may choose to attempt or impose repetition.

Imagine if you can, visually, a task that requires you to insert a round rubber stub 1 inch diameter by ½ inch long into a tube that will hold it in place while you drill through it and repeat this task ten thousand times.  This was my first introduction to an activity that could drive me nuts. If you’re a child and your father assigns this task the only negotiation available is in the task itself. The initial view of the task was buckets upon buckets of rubber stubs, around a monster drill press that engulfs you when you approach it.

The task, while sitting on a stool,  is rigidly defined as, reaching forward grasping the stub drawing it back, sliding it in the tube, stroking down with the drill press stroking up with the drill press removing the stub and launching it into the awaiting bin and repeat ten thousand times.If you are bored reading that, imagine how I felt.

The first consideration is injury and avoiding it. A slack millisecond of thought allows frustration which stretches into a full second of anxiety, influencing enough unsynchronized motion to lead to injury. Better not to think. To govern this is to govern time, remove those voids in which anxiety can occur by filling the voids with motion. Where a straight reach for a stub results in a pause to grip it, a circular reach is continuous without pause or void it is on the way.

Deconstructing each function and refining it by extending or reducing motion is a method to synchronize a single global motion. The effort to control each individual movement with an individual thought segments time into intervals causing a pause for thought transition. Joining motions together with constrained or exaggerated motion removes pause, thought and anxiety. Imagine trying to think through the act of walking into segments, but use a helmet you will get injured.

After 1 hour of repetition I was able to do this with my eyes closed, I know because I tried and did. The amazing effect was visualizing the overview, motion with your eyes closed becomes geometric images and each motion represents an individual shape. You travel the outline of the shape and transition into the next shape while noticing the tempo that is defined by the sound of the drill press. This is a harmonized consciousness and your brain is definitely affected. You will experience an altered frequency harmonic and you can feel it. This to me is the internal union of the masculine and the feminine in a person. I was elongating the masculine harmonic wave and retuning my refresh rate.

Consider Orb 2

If you enjoy evo/psych, contemplate this shit during your next weed rolling. Beer or scotch works to.

The male is a segmented being that deconstructs reality into smaller orbs or constructs of logic. By manipulating these constructs it performs the act of doing and creating or recreating. It functions in shorter intervals interchanging logic constructs to fabricate a result. It would have a harmonic resonance that would represent a pulse or beat consistent with the time it takes to connect one logic structure to another. It is a processed calculation cycle, a short wave expression or a refresh rate.

The female is a less segmented or a longer wave harmonic that experiences unified or non-segmented logic as a subjective, sympathetic and elongated cycle. Its cycle transition is less frequent and as such constructs and deconstructs logic in larger cycles of experience. In comparative terms think of the male as solar or one day and the female as lunar or 30 days. This analogy is ancient if you care to look.

You may or may not have noticed that I have specifically applied the words male and female and avoided the use of the words masculinity and femininity. I am suggesting the latter, mas/fem are both constructs nurtured by a social and cultural politic sympathetic to the harmonic resonance of each behavioral gender pattern. Masculinity and femininity are fakes, cheap reproductions. I am also suggesting that those patterns are interchangeable and that we do it numerous times every day.

The male is a specific gender, as is the female. Masculinity however is a patterned reproduction of cycled male harmonic resonance and is not gender specific. It is a cheap garment designed to emulate the male cycle and experience. It is incrementally adjustable and interchangeable between genders. As is femininity and its corresponding emulation. I think it is the reason that genders are expressed in a spectrum.

Consider Orb 3

To take this one step further one could say that a male emulates his maleness into the world manifesting a male harmonic resonance. Conversely when he submits to a feminine patterned emulation it will manifest a sympathetic feminine harmonic resonance within him. He will elongate his waveform somewhat. Because it is sympathetic it cannot be indefinitely sustained without contributing to an inner conflict. It is a conflict of animus or animation. In case you’re scratching your head over same sex gender sports, refer to the above, “incrementally adjustable and interchangeable.”

The emulation is sympathetic to the influence of the environment, in a group of women you may “male down” in a group of men you may “male up.” Gays still represent their gender as a core manifestation. They emulate the opposite as a sympathetic – as do we all. It’s OK keep scratching your head, I still laugh when I think of a term used by a psychologist, I quote “self-compassion.” But in the context of this article it works when you consider an interchangeable harmonic as a migrating persona. I can’t help but wonder if a bi-polar condition is a conflict between gender dynamic and waveform harmonic.

Consider Orb 4

Most of us are aware of the terms beta and alpha, we often discuss these in relation to women, they’re assignment to define men and the curse they represent. What we do not discuss is that these are resonating wave forms that represent a harmonic frequency. The Beta range frequency is 13-40 Hz and associated with acute focus and concentration, think of it as a highly active state not unlike that of physical exertion. The higher bandwidth around 35-40 Hz you can become a very effective killer and enjoy it, 20-25 Hz is great for physical labor, but watch you don’t peak or you might kill your customer if they complain too much.  I think of this as the male state harmonic. If someone tells you to “man up” a frequency around 20 will set both you and them straight. But in that state you start to lose interest in women, and they lose interest in you.  At around 22 you start to lose interest in people.

The Alpha wave frequency is between 7-12 Hz and a much narrower band width, it’s a somewhat relaxed state above the meditative state. This is where you begin to experience creativity and in the lower 7 bandwidth you can easily slip into a vivid dream state called lucid dreaming. This bandwidth also shares the earth’s electro-magnetic frequency referred to as the Schuman Resonance.  I think of this as the female state harmonic and it is obvious why men close to this state are effective with women and why we call them alpha manginas. A successful politician is able to project a bandwidth between 10-15 Hz, but they will never get to the guy hanging at 20 unless it’s face to face.

In the above example of repetitive production, I was simply trying to cope without going crazy. I discovered a method that to this day is unforgettable. Over the years I tried to understand it and it wasn’t until I read about wave length frequencies and brain chemistry that I was able to put it together. I have experimented with this over the years and have reproduced it in myself numerous times and have tried it on others. Motivational speakers are able to do this with large numbers of people quite effectively. You need only consider the evangelical pastor and the laying on of hands to realize they are affecting brain chemistry. When you stop assigning values to belief and dogma and look at the world through this filter you start to see the ripples in the pond and some truly strange things. Ask the PUA.

The refresh rate or resonance of our brains is immensely affected by our thoughts and their repetition. That resonance will attract and be attracted to a similar pattern, manifested by gestured behaviors. States of consciousness will gravitate; they will attract or repel others. Depression, loneliness, anger, joy, exuberance will affect others in your proximity. A good politician knows that his bond with the people is not based on his honesty it’s based on his sympathetic frequency to those people. Any wonder why there are so few female leaders and those that do lead are deeply loved by the people.

Whether we realize it or not, most of what we do is sympathetic to a harmonic resonance of brain waves. Corporations understand this and know that the most common response to bad news is to alter the feelings that are invoked. If the world is fucked and falling apart, go buy something to feel better, the worse the news, the bigger the impulse purchase. Girl aged 15 is ganged raped; upgrade your cell phone, buy an ice cream cone, purchase a security system, change the bandwidth, feel better. We don’t have news we have corporate therapy, the truth doesn’t matter only the conflict of bandwidth resonance.

If you have the ability to resonate comfortably between 12 and 18 and with practice you can amp up and down in a few minutes, you will be described as very personable and a highly likeable individual. Conversely if you would like people to fuck off and get away from you, resonate over a 3 or 4 degree bandwidth rapidly.

Ever wonder why it feels weird to walk into a party that is already underway? Ever wonder why a person attracts attention effortlessly? Ever wonder why you can feel someone looking at you? As a purely scientific experiment stand in a room with only women for about 45 minutes and then leave and join a group of men immediately afterward. Feel weird? You bet, and it’s not always pleasant. I could go on for pages providing examples and techniques but in closing and for those that were paying attention you will notice that my left hand is still un-lubricated and yes my fly is up and not once did I remove my hand from my pocket. It’s magic! Aye!

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