AVFM News week in review Sept 10 – Sept 17 2013

Busy news week this week, everyone – lots to report!

Item:  Student arrested for using iphone ap to “shoot” classmates

A student at H. L. Bourgeois High School in Gary LA accused of using  a mobile phone app to simulate shooting his classmates was booked and jailed in Terrebonne Parish.

The app is called “The Real Strike” and simulates a first person shooter game, except the battleground is real life.

Police say the 15-year-old was arrested after posting a video on YouTube using the Real Strike app to shoot other kids at school, “He said it was a result of him being frustrated and tired of being bullied. He said that he had no intentions of hurting anybody.  We have to take all threats seriously and we have no way of knowing that without investigating  and getting to the bottom of it.” Said Major Malcolm Wolfe of the Gary Police Department.

“You can’t ignore it,” says Wolfe. “We don’t know at what time that game becomes reality.”

Arrested and charged before any crime is committed. Hmmmmm, sounds like something out of a Phillip K. Dick novel. But of course this is a boy we are talking about here so his classmates were in eminent danger.

Item: Sussex University Student Union in the U.K. considers separate student elections based on gender

Supposedly more women will run for student government office if only women are allowed to vote for them. That’s gender equality for you!

Item: False Rape Accusation and Fallout Continues in Dallas, TX.

The rape accusation continued even after the accused was cleared by DNA tests four times and the tests implicated another man. The accuser has not been identified nor charged with making a false report. See also, here.

Item: University Park, Texas woman gets 14 years in child porn case

In a stunningly appalling case, 42-year-old wealthy socialite Erika Susan Perdue is sentenced to 14 years on a plea bargain, pleading guilty to child porn trafficking which she engaged in every day for over a decade. Something tells me that they would throw away the key if it were a man. Warning! THIS STORY WILL PISS YOU OFF!

Item: Op ed in Kenyan publication indicates that the red pill is starting to be distributed over there

Great read from Kenya’s Standard Digital concerning domestic violence. Perhaps we may have an African News Director soon!

Item: Change.org to add Men’s Rights section

Everyone go sign now!

Item: Men’s Rights Edmonton at it again with a new round of posters

This time targeting Edmonton mayoral candidate and Lise Gotell, chair of women’s and gender studies at the University of Alberta, as ‘bigots’.

Iveson, the mayoral candidate, is quoted as saying: “I said I would debate them on a neutral ground and on a reputable media source, they refused to do that.”

Ahem. Actually, Mr. Iveson, I was the one who invited you to the debate and here is what you actually said in your response:

“Unfortunately, I cannot take part. Thanks for the invitation.”

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