Men’s Rights Sasktoon and some thoughts

Our own Alison Tieman (“Typhonblue”) has an announcment, and some thoughts. Full text from the YouTube video’s lowbar is aalso included below. –DE

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Here’s a link to the article on the Yemeni girl who allegedly bled to death from sex during her wedding night:…

I’m not saying this didn’t happen or doesn’t happen, but I wish people would think critically and ask questions. All the evidence in this case is one activist’s statement and two people contacted by Reuters (where did their contact info come from?) Why didn’t they interview the medical staff if they were so sure the authorities weren’t trustworthy?

Finally, the answer to why men still marry and have children despite the social and legal ruin they risk in doing so? Because they are instinctually compelled to pair bond and raise offspring, that’s why our society can put such a steep price tag on it.

(Which makes you wonder why society has to incentivize and subsidize motherhood so much. I mean if motherhood was so instinctive, why do most women have to be paid to do it? Women need bonuses to be mothers; men will take penalties to be fathers.)

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