Please use these banned posters!

*Update: Please see update at bottom of this article. The ban discussed below has apparently been lifted. We continue to encourage people to circulate these posters in all forums they can.*

Recently a number of great Men’s Human Rights Activists answered the call for help. But the online fascists are attempting to stop even that work. I kid you not, the very first of the below posters we produced, arguably the most heartrending of the lot, was posted on Facebook–and promptly banned for violating their “community standards.” And of course, my account was suspended:

Facebook Block 1

The others were going to go up over the next few days, I just picked that one as my personal favorite to put up first (others have their own favorites, I’m not saying it’s necessarily the best) and was going to post another one every day for the next week or two until my account got suspended and it was removed.

Well gentlemen and ladies, we see the type of hateful ideologues we’re really dealing with, don’t we? Anyway, here are the posters. Please spread them as far and wide as you can, in any forum you can–just please do not alter them in any way. Click on the images to download PDF versions.

AVFM_ad_for_Queen’s_park_HomelessBoy (*Update* Yes, this is the one that violates Facebook community standards!)

Homeless Boy








Father and Child







male symbol maple leaf







Black white and red 1







Black white and red 2













Just click the links to get the full sized, rasterized PDFs, which you can print out and put anywhere you want that you think won’t cause you any legal trouble. We thoroughly expect fascists to tear them down of course–the one thing they hate more than men and boys is free speech after all–but in any case, it’s FTSU time: we hope everybody can get to Toronto on Saturday the 27th and 28th if they can, and either way, we hope you’ll use and re-use these posters (in unaltered form please) to promote this event anywhere and everywhere where it’s likely to do some good.

Even if the only “good” is annoying the fascist Gender Ideologues.

Thank you to all who helped make these posters happen!

*Update*: As of this afternoon, some 8 hours or so after noticing that the poster had been removed from Men and Boys in Crisis event page (which you should join if you can), I noticed that the graphics reappeared there. They also appear to have been restored to a couple of other Facebook groups where I had posted them. They had simply disappeared and I got notice that my account was suspended, then, when I filed a complaint, I received no response, but the material reappeared with no notice or explanation either in my mailbox or any public forum. I’m going to have call this a… good? Positive? Not-horrible…? mild thumbs-up for Facebook. It would have been better to see them write back with an explanation, an apology, or whatever, but the fact is that the posters are back. So, thank you Facebook. I think. I still encourage everyone to disseminate these everywhere you can on Facebook and on any other forum that you can put them in. Thanks. –DE

*Update 2*: Oddly enough, my account is still on 12-hour suspension, 2 hours to go according to this screen shot I just took.

image restored but account still blocked

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