Another Historic First for 2011: RulaZ Introduces MRA Rock CD


As long as the debate is officially over on whether the MRM is coming of age, it seems to be a good a time as any to finally announce that as of the first of this year, brother RulaZ has officially launched his debut CD at ITunes.

We have played his stuff here before, and it has been a crowd pleaser over at YouTube as well. This is one talented man, playing every instrument you hear in these all original songs. The flavor is pure rock, decidedly his own, but you will also hear the influences of everyone from Carlos Santana to AC/DC.

We have our own music genre, guys, and it is being delivered like a middle finger pointed directly at feminine hegemony by a man who has lived everything we have all lived that brought us to the MRM.  You can hear it in the passionate, defiant lyrics, and in the cutting, ballsy rock riffs that rip through each of no less than 20 tracks.

RulaZ is one of us.

He has also agreed to donate 10% of all proceeds to this website.  But don’t buy it for that. Buy it because it is some bad ass Rock-N-Roll that speaks with authority to the issues that have you out there championing the truth, each and every day of your life.

RulaZ CD is available here.  And here is a taste.

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