Starting out 2011 with a Bang

As a writer, I am supposed to avoid clichés like the plague (pun intended). However, today I couldn’t even title this article without using one that is as old as the hills (2nd pun intended as well). But as with most clichés, it tends to fall short.

To put it more succinctly, we at AVfM did not start out the new year with a bang, but with a massive concussive explosion that is blowing the windows out three streets down from me.

Let’s take a quick review of what has happened since we started referring to the year as 2011, just 23 days ago.

First, on January 8th came a mention of AVfM, not just in the mainstream media, but in the NY Times, complete with a link to this site. I know, I don’t hold them in any higher regard than you do, but what they lack in prestige they more than compensate for in exposure.

Just a couple of days after that, our “little globe” near the top right of this page passed 200,000 visits. It has been recording the traffic here for all to see since July 3rd. We got the first 100k hits in four months and the second 100k in just a little over two. That spells growth, for sure.

Then, on this very auspicious morning, AVfM also hit another landmark, as you can see here. 10,000 comments. In the blogging world, 10,000 comments is an accomplishment in and of itself.

I say with no small measure of pride that that within those volumes of postings, we have the collective wisdom of men (and some women, as well) in the MRM that is unrivaled anywhere on the net. That means you have put this site on the path to becoming one the most prominent voices in men’s rights in Western culture.

And make no mistake about it, A Voice for Men IS a men’s rights website; no compromise, no apology.

To cap all this off (damn, those clichés!) we recently undertook a campaign to raise $4,500.00 US to kick off an internet radio program that will help this movement gather even more steam. To be quite honest I was prepared to be elated if we raised 75% of the funds in 30 days.

We exceeded the goal by a nearly a thousand bucks in 13 days (banner to be updated soon).

And the donations are still coming in.

So did we start the new year with luster? Oh yeah. Big time.

And now it is time for me to get really busy. It is time for your soon to be Chef de Cuisine (the under-chef of your MRM kitchen) to do mise en place for the upcoming banquet. I need to get four one-hour shows in the can and two in pre production before we launch, so I won’t have time for writing outside the need for what you have just paid for.

Luckily I have some articles in reserve, from some very good writers, and they will be coming out starting tomorrow. But if you are a contributor here, or have wanted to be, this is a really good time to crank up the submissions, as well as the volume.

Content is king on the internet (and everywhere else in media) and we need to keep this thing going.

This article is also a very good place for readers to comment with suggestions on show content. What would you like to hear on A Voice for Men Radio? It is, after all, very much subject to your input. Just as this website has been from the beginning.

Again, another parting word of thanks to everyone, financial and moral supporters, who have driven us to smash though our goals and raise the bar forever on what can be expected from the MRM. And I have no intention of seeing this end with internet radio. It is a stepping stone, for me, and for us, to getting our message out to a world that does not want to hear it. Their choice to not listen has been too available, too long.

That is going to change, and right soon.

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