We are experiencing technical difficulties

[box type=”alert” size=”large” icon=”none”]As you might have noticed, the site keeps timing out and giving 500 errors. It seems we might be suffering a DDOS attack. Maybe it’s just the over enthusiastic manosphere sending everyone here all at once. We’re working on it and it will be solved as soon as humanly possible.

Update to the update. Sorry folks, but there was such a mad rush of people into the site when we launched that it gave our servers paranoid delusions and we had to shut it down for a bit and address some tech matters.  I am sure it caused some frustrations, so please accept apologies from the team.

I am also sure it wasn’t just MRA’s rushing to the site.  We have some real enemies at this point. Actually, we have had enemies all along, but they are just starting to wake up to how serious things are getting from the opposition.  I expect they will be lurking here a lot more often.

It is actually a high class problem to have, especially coming right out of the gate.  I welcome our feminist detractors here, and pledge to make our work Fucking Your Shit Up as tidy and merciful as possible.

We are getting matters completely resolved now and while there may be a few minor glitches over the next several hours, we should be back for good with no further need for down time.  And then we will get back, full time, to doing what we do best around here. FTSU.


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