Oh, oh, oh, Jamie’s lyin’

A few weeks ago the New York Times published a small one paragraph AP article on page 13 of its Saturday edition that a jury found a woman by the name of Jamie Leigh Jones had lied about being raped.  If you don’t remember exactly who Jamie Leigh Jones is, let me refresh your memory.

Jamie Leigh Jones, an employee of KBR, a sub-contractor of Halliburton, claimed that while in Iraq in 2005, she was drugged and brutally gang raped by other KBR employees who then held her at gun point in a small shipping container without food and water for 24 hours for reporting the rape.

[box type=”alert” icon=”none”]In 2008 the New York Times “investigated”  her story and ran a 1500 word front page report about a “troubling trend” of sexual assaults committed by male employees of military contractors in Iraq against women, using her story as the main proof. [/box] What ensued as a result were sensationalistic reports as fact from the feminist media; 20/20, CNN, CBS News, The Early Show, MSNBC, NPR and every major newspaper, about an epidemic of female contractors being raped in Iraq by their male counter parts.  Jones appeared before alarmed congressional committees and on several TV shows to propagate her horrifying tale and began promoting a book with the working title; “The Jamie Leigh Story: How My Rape in Iraq and Cover-up Made Me a Crusader for Justice.”

Senator Barack Obama demanded a State Department investigation.  Comedian turned freshman Senator Al Franken used the story to grandstand and attract attention to himself by adding an “Anti-Rape” amendment to an appropriations bill prohibiting defense contractors from including mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts.  Thirty Republican male senators who voted against the Franken bill were accused of being “Pro-Rape.”

When the time finally came for her to actually prove her allegations true the claim mysteriously disappeared from the record after DNA evidence showed she had sex with one man and that it was ruled consensual.  The whole thing was simply dropped.  No criminal charges were brought against her and Republican senators did not sponsor an “Anti-False Rape Allegation Bill” as a response.


What’s a false rape “allegationist” to do?  Take it to civil court in hopes the evil rich corporation will buckle and pony up a tidy little settlement to avoid bad publicity, of course!  The doctor who examined her testified there were no signs of any drugs “date-rape” or otherwise in her system within 24 hours after the alleged attack.  Jones claimed the attack was so brutal her breast implants were ruptured and her pectoral muscles torn, requiring massive reconstructive surgery. This was contradicted not only by the (female) doctor who examined her the next day, but also by her own plastic surgeon.  Her claim that KBR held her at gun point in a shipping container was suddenly remembered two years after the alleged incident, about the same time the media frenzy began.

The feminist media, in it’s zeal to expose patriarchal oppression and control over innocent oppressed women everywhere, never once suspected her story; that she was drugged, gang raped and held captive by employees of a large corporation and that the only thing she was sure about was not being sure it even happened, because she was under the influence of a “roofy.”

Had the media doubted the word of a supposedly raped woman they would have found that even before leaving for Iraq with KBR, at the age of 20 Jones had made rape accusations against two other men. A few years earlier, she told a doctor her boyfriend had raped her, and right before leaving for Iraq she accused a KBR supervisor of raping her. She was already 0-for-2 on rape allegations before she even went to Iraq!  Had false rape accusation been a felony perhaps this little one woman wrecking crew would have been put out of business then, but she needed to perfect her trade.

A few years after humiliating themselves over the Duke case, the media is now burying, if not censoring all together, the ongoing stories of false rape accusations.  Because false rape accusation is not newsworthy, and besides maybe people won’t believe it happens if they never report it.  Woman as the victim titillates and validates.  Woman as the perpetrator is simply too exceptional to be a trend.  It’s not even debated in the newsroom or editor’s office; it’s implied as a reporter you simply make it so or be cast out as not “towing the line”.

“You mean to tell me some women that claim to have been raped, might not be telling the truth?”  Yes, and this comes as a shock only because the media deems false rape accusation as news worthy only if the woman can somehow be positioned as a victim; as being disturbed, upset or confused.

Selective truth in deciding what qualifies as news is the new “Ministry of Information”.  “Don’t anger or confuse women!” says the corporate sponsor to the media outlet.  Tell them only what they’re comfortable hearing.  Tell them about horrible things that happen to other women.  Satiate their schadenfreude.  Keep them watching.  They buy our things.

This is why it’s more important than ever that AVoice for Men exists.  Like Elam said a while back, “We are the news!”  How else would you know to avoid one Jamie Leigh Jones?

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