A Voice For Men is reborn

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n behalf of myself and the team of individuals that have come together to support the mission of A Voice for Men, welcome to AVfM 2.0!

And I have to admit to be at somewhat of a disadvantage here, as I would like to make some public thank you’s to some particular individuals, but I am bound to maintain their confidence. What I can tell you is that the recent attacks on this operation that were directed at our show on BTR have had a landslide of effects that have not even made it to the pages of this site. Again, anonymity has been assured.

What I can tell you is that AVfM has just made a massive leap ahead. Not just with this site, which is a wonder itself, but with technical, editorial and marketing expertise that I did not even dream would come our way even two weeks ago.  I wish I could give more details, but I have already reached the limit of my agreements about this by saying what I have. NO email inquiries on this please.

I can  say that you can expect to see things happen in the coming days that will make you smile, and feminists shit their pants.  And I mean that in the most serious way.  We do need to put a little more intensity into our fundraising efforts, but the cavalry has already arrived.  AVfM is going to seriously fuck their shit up.

This incarnation of AVfM’s internet presence has been some time in coming, and judging from the content of my inbox I have tested the patience of some loyal readers with the down time required to make 2.0 available.  My apologies for the inconvenience, but I trust that all of you will feel like it was worth the wait.

Please feel free to take a self-tour of the site. As you can already see our appearance has drastically improved.  But as you go through and look again at some of the other articles you will see that there is a wealth of new features that render the site more polished and professional, as well as enhancing your user experience.

Your commenting experience, which is now reserved for registered users only, will be a big step up from where we were. And the video archives located on the home page will give you a great resource for entertainment and activism.

Articles that are either very popular or deemed editorially important are now presented for easier access.  In the “Explorer” area on the home page you will see a block of images. Just place your cursor over any of them for the headline.

And speaking of images, we have gone to considerable trouble and expense (thanks to your donations) to provide you a site with more visual appeal, including a custom logo and all new, licensed graphics with each article throughout the site.

But the main benefit here is that, as you will see with time, this site has been designed with activism in mind. I won’t let the whole cat out of the bag right now, but AVfM is getting ready to take fucking their shit up to a whole new level.

Of course, we will still depend on you for help, so I absolutely must call your attention to the shiny new donation buttons at the top of the page.  Those buttons go directly to supporting our mission here, and your help is needed now more than ever.

These are very exciting times, my friends.  There is a certain change in the air, and AVfM is a part of it.  We now have more weapons. Some they know about and some they don’t. We mean to use them all.

So welcome back, everyone. If you see anything we missed please point it out and prepared to be patient with us. There are more of us now behind the scenes, but we are working harder than ever.

Here’s to a whole new era of making feminists as miserable as any bigot should be.  Your voice is about to become as thunder.

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