NCFM Joins Appeal to Congressman Ted Poe

January 21, 2011

Congressman Ted Poe
2nd District of Texas
430 Cannon Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
RE: Human Trafficking

The National Coalition For Men is the oldest men‟s rights organization in America. NCFM also has members in several countries. One of our oldest chapters is in Dallas/Ft. Worth. The president of our Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter was once a president of a National Organization of Women chapter in Texas.

I am writing because is wrongly connecting Super Bowl Sunday to an increase in trafficking, raping, and otherwise abusing children. One of its articles implores the public to “Ask the Super Bowl Host Committee to Stand Up and Protect Children,” and asserts “The trafficking of children for sale at the Super Bowl is well documented.”  The link provided to substantiate the “well documented” claim leads to one Hawaii News Now article spotlighting one pimp who took a total of three prostitutes last year to work the Super Bowl in Miami, two of whom were adults and the other a 16-year-old runaway.  In that same article, an FBI agent asserts “Listen if any case exists out there in Hawaii it’s one too many and fortunately it’s not an epidemic problem here [emphasis mine] . . .”  Hardly evidence of “well documented.”

The article ends with “DFW-based Traffick911 is  leading a comprehensive game plan to protect American children. Local, national and international organizations have joined forces with Traffick911 in the I’m Not Buying It campaign. This Super Bowl Host Committee has proven it has the power and influence to make history. Join me in asking the Super Bowl Host Committee to endorse and fund the “I’m Not buying it” campaign to protect and  defend children during the Super Bowl!! [sic].”

Traffick 911 is committed stopping human trafficking for which they should be commended. But I  don‟t recall them targeting the Women‟s National Basketball Association, Women‟s Professional Soccer, or the Ladies Professional Golf Association.  The organization transparently targeted Super Bowl Sunday and the NFL for exposure and money, “Join me in asking the Super Bowl Host Committee to endorse and fund the “I‟m Not buying it” campaign…”

NCFM members have reported receiving email from containing a petition with this opening  message, “Every year, children as young as 11 are trafficked to Super Bowl cities. There, football fans –usually men, often inebriated – will pay traffickers to have sex with them.” Interestingly they fail to mention that many, if not most, child proffering pimps are women. Unmentioned is the article on their website “Madams and Pimpettes: A Look at Women Who Sell Women” in which they assert most traffickers are men and ask “But what is it that makes a woman sell another woman (or a girl), for profit?  They don‟t seem concerned if a female trafficker sells a man (or a boy) for profit and by omission suggest it doesn‟t matter.

Missed or ignored was the report on the largest trafficking investigation ever conducted in the UK that found, “… 10 of the 55 police forces never found anyone to arrest. And 122 of the 528 arrests announced by police never happened; they were wrongly recorded either through honest bureaucratic error or apparent deceit by forces trying to chalk up arrests which they had not made.  Among the 406 real arrests, more than half of those arrested (230) were women [emphasis mine], and most were never implicated in trafficking at all.” Clearly the report casts doubt on police veracity of statistics as well.

Belarus is a transit route for immigrants, thousands of whom become prey for traffickers. The sex trade is the largest segment of the international slavery trade.  Belarus has compiled the following a list of sex trade traffickers that are wanted by the Belarus government for various organized trans-international sex crimes. They are all women.

According to United Nations Office on Crimes in Nigeria 60% of prosecuted persons are women in trafficking cases and 50% of convicted traffickers are women though that varied by country. Overall, for the countries examined, this report concluded sex recruiters were 53% men and 42% women.

The Time Magazine article “Iraq’s Unspeakable Crime: Mothers Pimping Their Daughters” reports,

“That underworld is a place where nefarious female pimps hold sway and where impoverished mothers sell their teenage daughters into a sex market that believes females who reach the age of 20 are too old to fetch a good price. The youngest victims, some ages 11 and 12, are sold for as much as $30,000, while others can go for as little as $2,000. „The buying and selling of girls in Iraq, it’s like the trade in cattle,‟ Hinda says. “I’ve seen mothers haggle with agents over the price of their daughters.”

These organizations cause is certainly just but wagging a wicked finger at men in general and Texan men in particular is outrageous.  Confusing data to exaggerate their cause is typical feminist-based protocol as is downplaying the criminality and vicious nature of some women. Taking advantage of both to extort the Super Bowl if not the NFL and Texans is business as usual.

There is no question human trafficking is horrendous in every sense of the word.  Like other social ills,solutions are impeded by the shame, blame, and guilt gender game.  The extent of human trafficking and gender of traffickers is not definitively known. Organizations such as these play on the mercies of good people with questionable information.  Human trafficking is serious business and traffickers are despicable criminals regardless of gender.

When you speak on these organizations‟ behalf at the “Tailgate Rally” in Mansfield please keep the above in mind.  We hope you will help raise awareness about human trafficking without the gender politics.  The lives of many people are at stake including lost, abandoned, and abducted children.

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