Make a Comment for Free – AVfM Radio Scores Five Bucks – Oh! – Zed Makes it Ten!

The expression “no brainer” comes to mind. In another ingenious move to set up AVfM Radio good and proper, KARMA MRA MGTOW, has come up with a donation scheme that takes the burden off of everyone’s wallet. Well, except for his.

Here’s how it works:

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted an online article that has to do with whether men should be expected to commit to a relationship after three months. They have a comment section with a 300 word limit. The offer is on the table right now from KMM that he will donate $5.00 for every comment placed on that article via someone at this site. It’s not only a generous offer that ices the cake on his already stellar financial support, but it is a great idea for another couple of reasons.

[Emergency addendum: In the early running, zed has matched the offer to make it $10.00 per comment!]

One, it gives those who cannot afford a direct financial contribution the opportunity to help out, simply by going to the site and speaking up. And it is killing two birds with one well aimed stone. It will leave a mark in this very active thread that is being read by a lot of people who never heard of the MRM.

Like I said, no brainer, win-win, everybody’s happy; perfect solution.

I have a couple of suggestions to help with this one. One, the comments are moderated, but they are letting us through. So I would keep it civil. The other is to give these comments some thought. It’s only fair to see KMM get his monies worth. However, I doubt that expecting thoughtful comments is a problem with this crowd.

I don’t know how long he wants to extend the offer, or if he has other conditions, but I am sure he will comment soon with more details if needed.

So here is the URL. Now anyone here that wants to help, or add to their donation at no expense, can do so with a few keystrokes.

This could be a very important moment for us.  Understandably, the paypal donations have slowed down. How could they not after that rush of generosity?

But here’s the rub.  We are now at almost $6,200 dollars, with a handful of donations still expected in the mail.  I have no way of knowing how much those will total to.  But if I can get even close to the $7,000.00 mark, then I can do a lot more to promote the new program, primary among them being that I can upgrade show services at to their Pro Package (another $1,490.00).

We currently have the next level down, the plus package, but if youlook at the difference in services through the link provided, you can see that we will end up with significantly more exposure.  And perhaps just as important, we will be able to live stream the show to any website on the internet.

My take is that we will get there with securing the Pro Package sooner or later, and we are starting on schedule regardless, but that pro package is looking pretty sweet. And  KMM’s generous offer here can really help toward that end.

So, if you are so inclined, please go share with the good people of Australia what you think about expecting men to commit on a 90 day schedule.

You will help us kick off in better fashion than we could have ever expected, and you might just have some fun.

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