University of Toronto protest possible

Dr. Janice Fiamengo targeted by Toronto Socialists for tonight’s lecture at University of Toronto

This is an alert for MHRAs that will be attending the lecture tonight at the University of Toronto. Michael Laxer, radical feminist, gutter journalist and Chairman of the Toronto Socialist Party, is calling for protesters to gather tonight around the lecture given on feminist corruption in academe by Dr. Janice Fiamengo.
Here is a screen cap of one of his tweets on the matter:
University of Toronto Laxer
This is the same Michael Laxer that penned the piece disingenuously portraying Fiamengo as a racist, misogynistic Islamophobe and who proclaimed affiliations between the Canadian Association for Equality, the host of tonight’s event, and A Voice for Men when no such affiliation exists.
Laxer has also recently set up a Facebook page purporting to be concerned with the issues facing men, though it is clear from reading the page that this is pure gimmickry. I will be expanding on that in a later article, but the point now is to reiterate concerns to MHRAs attending the event tonight to be very careful in the process.
Laxer and his affiliates are prone to violence and the use of intimidating tactics. Like all ideological collectivists, Laxer’s ilk uses brute force and repression as a first option. We saw a clear example of that in the first protest against Warren Farrell in November of last year. Given that their ideology is more pathological than actually political, it is quite possible they will be upping the ante.
I need to reiterate to MHRAs that these are the kinds of people who will do anything they can to provoke hostility so that they can turn around and use it to portray themselves as victims. So for those who are attending the lecture tonight, bring your cool head with you. Don’t argue with these people as they provoke and antagonize you, RECORD THEM DOING IT. We will use the video to relay to the world at large exactly who these people are and what they are doing.
But if they succeed in getting you to lose your cool and do something stupid, then you will damage our cause and likely wind up in some real trouble. This website will also quickly condemn your actions.
The cultural conflict over feminism and the rights of men and boys is heating up, folks. What we are seeing here, and at Ryerson University is just the nascent emergence of a confrontation that will last for years. It will involve some dark and bitter days. We must always remember that even as we have truth and justice completely on our side, it will be for nothing if we do not follow that up with behavior that reflects the strength of our convictions.
No matter how many doors they block, or how many epithets they scream or how many innocents they target with vile lies and denigration, they cannot hide from the truth. But if we sink to their level; if we for even a moment become the monster we are facing, the truth will get buried in an avalanche of our own failings.
Don’t let it happen.

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