At war with regard to rape on university campuses

Let me be clear, I believe we are now officially at war. While one can clearly argue that Men’s Rights have always been under attack in areas of family law and domestic violence, I believe there is a new threat emerging that takes on an even more sense of emergency that men, women in their families, and those concerned about Men’s Rights in general need to start preparing for. I also suspect that this message will be nothing new to regular readers of A Voice For Men (AVfM) and is intended for lurkers and new readers to the site who may still be on the fence about whether to  swallow the blue pill, or red pill.
In the areas of Family Law and Domestic Violence, I will be succinct:

  • For going on a century now, fathers (and women in their families) have been marginalized in their children’s lives via the family courts and seen more as visitors and payment providers that equal parents with equal access even though feminist and the government express than fathers need to get with the program. As many of you know first hand, when we do stand up, we are immediately forced to sit down by the courts, by many mothers, by ideological feminists, and by politicians hell bent on gender politics that drives funding and votes to their agenda. And with this, many groups and entities have found a way to monetize (Title IV-D) this issue for which they are now dependent on to drive programs in the social services arena and their state budgets;
  • Domestic Violence has become an industry, a$500 million dollar industry to be exact, and one that has evolved to an extent that agencies who get federal domestic violence money are dependent on domestic offenders so that said money will continue to flow and fund their agendas and non-profits. In short, professional feminist and politicians will never allow domestic violence to be seen as not a problem because how are they going to use victims to drive fund raising efforts, political agendas, and their ideology? In an effort to do this, a new federal law (VAWA) was enacted to decrease the definition of Domestic Violence so low that it is impossible to not have “victims” that can be used as props and  statistics to drive further funding. And of course, Domestic Violence, despite the fact that the latest reauthorization of VAWA has new gender neutral language, those that use this federal legislation as professionals will never actually let go of the notion that only men initiate violence.

Even with all of the data above, I think we are in a new war which is almost identical to the success of Domestic Violence and VAWA that is beginning to play out across college campuses in an almost simultaneous, coordinated, and planned fashion involving rape. But this new war is a clear step up in the pain that it will cause to men and women in their families. In family law, men have learned to push through their pain and live life, and many continue to live somewhat normal lives as labeled domestic offenders after either a false allegation conviction or conviction that resulted from raising one’s voice, slamming a door, or virtually ANYTHING that causes a woman to FEEL like she is in immediate risk of death or injury.
To be sure, many men on this planet are now considered domestic offenders thanks to VAWA’s lowered definition of violence and ability to gain convictions on “preponderance of the evidence” rather than “innocent until proven guilty”. But, under this new war, it is impossible to live life somewhat normally because the adjudication of rape will certainly require imprisonment.
How I see this Unfolding
Ever since the Department of Education Office Of Civil Right’s “Dear Colleague” letter, universities are scared. On one side of the spectrum, they have the federal government and power of the DOJ looking down their throats, and they have professional feminist on campus telling them that women are being raped by the minute. One cannot overlook the “War On Women” component as well that I believe is driving this war to secure women voters for the future of politicians who pander to women voters.
In short, Universities need to find some damn rapists quick to appease both the radical professional feminist, DOJ, and Department of Education’s Civil Right Division. And make no mistake about it, it will be unsuspecting Men (and your sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers) on campus who will never know this new war has begun until it’s too late unless we find some way of getting this message out in rapid fashion.

  • I believe that we are very close to removing “innocent until proven guilty” and adding “preponderance of the evidence” from University Honor Courts, and I think it is just a matter of time before it hits State Courts;
  • I believe it is just a matter of time before the definition of rape is lowered to include sex with a female while she had any amount of alcohol in her system (even if unknown) and consent was given, or for that matter anytime after consensual sex in which the female FEELS that she probably didn’t want to do that (even if it’s months or years later).

From just this, we will hear from universities, politicians, and feminists that VIOLENT rape statistics have skyrocketed and Congress will develop a “VAWA like” federal law that allocates some figure approaching a billion dollars a year that non-profits will eagerly form over in an effort to secure that funding. And like VAWA and these non-profits, we will need inflated rape statistics to maintain federal funding to continue programs and services that require services to women that most undoubtedly will mean serious employment for feminist.
Please, it’s time to step up your activism!

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