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A Plea to my fellow MRAs

As announced here ( )in February, Artistry Against Misandry is scheduled to host an International Men’s Day event in Nashville, TN on Saturday, 11/17/12.  The event is slated to feature guest speaker, John The Other, as well as regional musical entertainment. It will be the first public celebration of its kind and will hopefully inspire many more to follow.

In order to pull this event off, your help is needed.  I am again asking you all for any monetary donations you can spare.  Thus far, just under a quarter of the funds needed have been raised.  I am extremely grateful to the contributors who have made this possible; however a second round of donations is necessary.  A minimum of $2000.00 needs to be raised in order to not have to pull the plug on the event, so if every MRA reading this donated even a small amount, I’m sure we could get there.  We still have t-shirts to be made, entertainment to hire, sound/recording engineers to compensate, advertising/promotion to be done, raffle items to be bartered for and tons of literature to be printed.

In just the five short months of its existence, Artistry Against Misandry has welcomed well over 10,000 visitors to its website.  The impact of MRAs in the arts is growing; however it will take all of us as a community to help push this material into the mainstream where it belongs.  This event is important to our cause in that it is the only MRA-hosted event scheduled in America for 2012 and it could help bridge the gap between members of the general public and our (mostly) online community.  I’m sure we all understand the importance of reaching out to more potential allies.  Media will be invited so it is imperative we “do this up” as thoughtfully and professionally as possible.  I ask you to please help me accomplish this so our beloved JTO doesn’t fly all the way to the American south just to speak to an empty room!

You can all be a part of making history by sending your donations via the home page ( ) of Artistry Against Misandry.Or you can just use this donation button for AAM.  I thank you in advance for your help.



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