SAVE: June is False Allegation Awareness Month

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Publisher’s note: In respect to June being False Allegation Awareness Month, we encourage AVfM contributors to submit articles on the false allegation problem. PE

June is False Allegations Awareness Month, and this year SAVE will be addressing false allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. False allegations are a huge problem in our country — according to our national survey, 1 in 10 persons have been falsely accused of abuse.

SAVE will be sponsoring a variety of activities designed to heighten public awareness:

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  • Radio interviews
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Lobbying day in Congress, June 29


Of interest, public concern about the Dept. of Education Sexual Assault Directive continues to mount because it strips persons of due process protections and will increase false allegations of sexual assault on campus. To date, 13 organizations and over 35 editorials have come out against the DED policy.

And progress in reforming the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization bill also gives us a sense of optimism.

We encourage you to begin planning now for an event in your area to highlight False Allegations Awareness Month. A listing of resources can be found here.

The SAVE Team


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