A meme and a link to FTSU Central

I fell in love with this meme the second I saw it. So it is serving me well as I wanted an excuse to bring you a link to the Daily Beast article by R. Tod Kelly on the MHRM that just came out.


I sense a bit of commenting will be happening over there.

I just emailed Kelly a thank you. He got some stuff wrong for sure, and I will be addressing that in an upcoming piece, but for now Mr. Kelly has done exactly what I intended mainstream writers to actually do when I set out to provoke the mainstream into reacting. He attacked us, but actually spent some real time being in something other than in a drunkards denial about many of the issues for which we advocate. He even nailed a couple of them. He doesn’t get a pass on the mistakes, but credit due is credit due.

I am all smiles here. The worm is turning, and AVFM is turning it, if you will allow me to say so.

Oh yes, the meme. Please pass it around and while you are at it, maybe click on over to The Beast and do some FTSU on the feminists who will certainly be coming there to wail and gnash teeth.


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