Why should taxpayers suffer from feminist social experiments?

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I am a brown man from India and I am a Men’s Rights Activist. There are more than 30,000 brown men and women in Indian subcontinent, who call themselves the men’s rights activists and they are talking about misandry and zero sum win-lose games played by political feminists. As far as we are concerned, there are two types of feminists. One is academic feminists and the other the political feminists. These two groups play good cop and bad cop games to fool the innocent straight thinking males. They have fooled men for too long and now the time has come for these feminists to be questioned and held accountable for their activities, because they are operating using tax payer’s money of different national governments. As I am an individual paying tax and from which a portion goes to fund the feminists, the gender studies courses and also many Government welfare programs, I have every right to question how my tax money gets used. I would not like any of my taxes are used for propagating hate, promoting a gender war or for promoting criminal activities including propagating misinformation, lies and hoaxes.

“Instead of targeting feminists as the problem, they should be targeting what feminists call ‘the patriarchy’ and become allies of feminists, said Guthrie.” 1

If the feminists are spreading myths and hoaxes like pay gap myth, anorexia myth, super bowl hoax, bride burning hoax and if they are showcasing people’s sufferings due to poverty in third world as gender oppression by men, then it is unethical and irresponsible on my part as a human being, if I do not question them. If questioning a feminist, her views, her fake statistics, her unscientific theories leads to any feminist accusing of me of being a hate mongering demon, then there are no bigger bigots that feminists. The only other categories of people who do not tolerate criticism or questioning are religious bigots and Taliban etc. So, either feminists get ready to face criticism or they get prepared to be treated in the same way we treat bigots and fanatics. Only a bunch of intellectually dishonest people can behave like fanatics and in turn accuse anyone questioning them of being a fanatic.

Now, lets me come straight to recent claims made by feminists in Canada and USA in media and on the internet. They claim that Men’s Rights Activists are predominantly white men and men’s rights movement is a racist movement. I am a brown man and a men’s rights activist from India with 30,000 other brown people from India are collaborating and operating with AVFM and other Men’s Rights Activism NGOs. This proves that feminists are irrational people with no clue about what they are claiming in the first place.

Of course, feminists can accuse us Indians of living in a patriarchal society. Now, even if I assume that patriarchy theory is a valid scientific theory, still feminists can be considered uneducated, irrespective of some of them holding faculty positions in some Universities. Feminists have not studied something called Set Theory in their school or college. If we use fuzzy set theory, can a society still be revealed as 100% Patriarchal and 0% Matriarchal at a given point of time? Where does patriarchy end and where does matriarchy begin? Do patriarchy and matriarchy overlap? Can any feminist or gender studies champion give me a study which quantifies patriarchy and matriarchy in any society from year 2000 to 2012? No, because no such study exists and feminists never even thought about such a simple study. If these people are so intellectually challenged, then why should anyone allow them to dictate the lives of our children or grandchildren? No one wants his son or daughter to grow up intellectually impoverished with no connection to reality.

Feminists have forced a gender war on the world, and they have instituted affirmative actions and positive discrimination policies which harm men. This is a simple zero sum win-lose game. Now, the feminists in Canada are upset that we are discussing this win-lose game. On one hand they claim patriarchy is giving men privileges and on the other hand they claim patriarchy is oppressing men. It is like claiming Nazis oppressed Jews, but under Nazism, Jews thrived because of all privileges.

Challenge to Feminists:

If feminists believe Patriarchy means traditional male and female gender roles, which oppress men and women, then I have a challenge for them.

I call up on men across the world to stop playing their traditional patriarchal male gender role on 19th of every month. That day, no man will protect, rescue or help any woman. No man will fix any woman’s car tyre. No man will be an unpaid bodyguard, rescue worker, porter or driver that day. It is just one day in every month and let the woman and girls arrange their life around this day. Men are on strike from all patriarchal and chivalrous gender roles on that day.

If women and girls do to not want men to participate in this strike, then they have to take a very simple action. They have to come out in open and protest against feminists and tell Governments to put an end to the gender war and positive discrimination forced on men by feminists. This is a choice for all women. If they choose to remain silent, then they deserve a one day strike by men every month. Let us see if they want men to remain under patriarchy or outside. It is a simple fact that feminism sleeps with patriarchy at night and in the morning it cries discrimination. Feminists can not survive without patriarchy and support from patriarchal alpha males in positions of power.

The society has tolerated obnoxious bigotry by feminists for too long. If women do not want to play traditional gender roles and women want men to be subjected to positive discrimination, then it is nothing but declaration of a gender war.

On Male Studies:

The feminists and the media love to propagate misandry. For every problem in the world, they have found only one cause; and that is patriarchy and men. If its crime, then they say men are responsible. If it is bad economy, they blame men. If it is a marriage or relationship failure, only the man is judged and blamed.

If men are such a big problem, then why the hell you are not starting male studies programs to study men independently without linking the research to women’s issues or feminism? It is like someone insisting on studying orthopedics to learn to operate brain tumor. Imagine if someone said, if we wanted to operate on a brain tumor, that we must only study orthopedics and there is no need to study brain surgery.

Now, if Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinen et al are experts on men and masculinity, then it is like orthopedic surgeons trying to do a brain surgery. That is what went on at Stoney Brook University recently.

In the end, I must say, the Arts Departments in Universities across the world are spreading stupidity. They have great commitment to tolerate unscientific theories and they are forcing all kinds of unscientific social experiments on our societies. Why should we tax payers and our children and grandchildren suffer for the stupidity and lack of responsibilities of Arts and Humanities departments?

The Arts disciplines in Universities must make a choice. Either they make these gender studies and humanities departments set their house in order or they intervene and clean these departments up.



[1] Men’s issues or misogyny?
[2] Voices of Reason About the Gender Wars


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