The weekend’s here. Swagger, brothers. Swagger.

The sound is made by just 3 guys. We are sonically in your face – wall of sound — chainsaw wailing guitar, piercing electro synth and pounding rock rhythms.

You want Swagger? We’ve got it covered.

The idea of using my musical ability as an MRA has been percolating in my hind brain for a couple of years now. As a daily reader and occasional contributor to A Voice for Men, listening to AVfM Radio and visiting other MRA sites regularly means that Men’s Rights is constantly on my mind. So, my MRA consciousness is bound to surface somewhere in any art I embark upon.

I confess I didn’t design this music video consciously as an MRA message, but being an MRA in a way that’s what it largely turned out to be nonetheless.

When my band (3 guys) had finished first playing and recording this song live we had one of those moments musicians often have of looking at each other awestruck with a kind of mutual admiration which said “Jeeze, did we actually do that? Cool guys!”

Teamwork. Synergy. The sum is greater than the parts and all that. It’s a guy thing.

Then I got to work on putting video imagery next to the music we’d created. When they saw the video for the first time we were gob-smacked again. It’s chock full of images men can relate to – a guided missile, eagle and cheetah hunting, jet aircraft and a high powered motorcycle at full throttle, runway dance swagger, military teamwork and bravery, high tech playfulness, raw wilderness, cutting edge scientific research, urban spaces constructed and running at full tilt and moving at a blistering pace into a future city of lights. It’s what men do. It’s cram packed with stuff feminists shit their pants over – unapologetic swaggering masculinity.

I dig it. It’s ballsy.

Don’t like it sisters and feminized brothers?

Tough. Go create your own whimpering wheedle victim sound.

I strut on guitar and love it. Nowhere do I feel more alive. Swagger.

I’ve been playing guitar for many years – self-taught. Swagger.

My guitars have helped me cathart during times of feminist insanity more times than I can recall. I truly don’t know how I would have made it this far without playing guitar. For my guitar doesn’t make maddening “man up” BS demands and treat me with misandry as a disposable utility. My guitar is a vehicle for channeling myriad feelings including outrage, pain, loneliness, exuberance and yes, ballsy swagger. I thoroughly recommend guys taking up electric guitar and getting primal as a healthy move.

It’s a workout – physically and emotionally.

The thing I love about playing and recording music, then adding video imagery is the way the music can cut right through allot of intellectualizing (which I don’t knock as it’s important and I do plenty of it at times too) and straight to what’s washing around in the limbic system. Also it’s the old thing of a picture tells a thousand words – well, with a bit of judicious video editing to which I’m still quite new, that can be multiplied many times over.

I agree with wholeheartedly Dean Esmay – “music is the language of feelings and sometime we just have to express ourselves”.

I’d love to collaborate online with other MRA musicians as part of a team to produce an MRA album. It needn’t be all outrage, as I know tenderness, loss and whimsy are important parts of who we are, too.  I don’t sing, but recording is easy for me as I have a well-equipped home studio – guitars, synths, drum machines, samplers, sequencers and mixing software. Transfer of sound and video files via internet is fairly straight forward with Drop box and the like.I welcome requests to do such.

However, if all this video does is inspire one person to create powerful music and video imagery with a solid MRA message, then job done as far as I’m concerned.

MRM. Men’s Rights Music! A new genre?

Swagger Brothers, Swagger.

Thanks to Dean Esmay for his inspiring post –


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