Ladies, Matt Forney wants to be your daddy

MHRAs are known for being critical of anything and everything that affects men and boys in our culture. We are critical of religion and the atheist community, of feminism and traditional conservatives, of social expectations and public policy and law. We are also critical of the behavior of men and, yes, of women in our society. To be blunt, you will probably be hard-pressed to find a more honest and open discussion of men and women than right here. We are not here for a group hug or to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. We are here to tell you the cold, hard truth.
In the beginning of human civilization, strict gender roles were developed based on the needs of society as a whole. These roles were harsh and unfair to both men and women but were a necessary evil for the survival of the human species. As the world evolved into a place of relative safety and comfort, women chose to cast aside the restrictions placed on them by these now ancient gender roles. However, they have been reluctant to accept the responsibilities that come with being a fully realized and capable adult.
Men need to wake up and realize that they are not machines built for the sole purpose of protecting and providing for women and children. Despite what feminists would have you believe, men are, in fact, human beings and deserve to be treated as such. It should no longer be expected of men to protect and provide for women, to be a woman’s keeper and caregiver. It most certainly should not be expected that a man be responsible for her behavior. This change must start first with men rejecting these obligations despite society’s snubbing of those who choose to live their lives their own way.
Women need to grow up. They are adults, which means they and they alone are responsible for themselves. In order for equality between the genders to become reality, women must take upon themselves the responsibilities that come with the rights they have already been given. They must reject the infantilization that is exerted by feminists and traditional conservatives alike. One way that our society infantilizes women is by not holding them to the same level of accountability as male adults for their behavior. We see it all the time on TV shows like Bridezilla, Desperate Housewives, Bad Girls Club, and Dr. Phil. Personal accountability for women has been replaced with female entitlement. “Grow up” has been replaced with “You go, girl.” We don’t expect women to behave as adults, and when they don’t, we give them a pass and a guest spot on Oprah.
Obviously, there are those who disagree. There are those who say that men should man up and get back to picking the cotton for women and the state while at the same time demanding even more protections and public programs for the fragile flowers also known as the fairer sex.
Enter Matt Forney.
Forney wrote a blog article entitled “How to Beat Your Girlfriend or Wife and Get Away with It” that advocates behavior that is illegal, immoral, unjustifiable, and quite frankly sick. Besides the fact that his article is in favor of domestic violence, the justifications for Forney’s position are such that even a newbie MHRA would do an atomic facepalm. Forney doesn’t expect the women he enters into relationships with to behave as adults. He assumes that they will behave like children.
It seems that Forney doesn’t want to be a husband or partner. He wants to be their daddy. Here are some quotes that reveal Forney’s expectations for the women in his life.

“If she wants to behave like a child, you’ll treat her like a child.”
“The goal is to constantly violate her boundaries until you’ve conditioned her to behave exactly the way you want. And no, you don’t ask for permission, anymore than a father would ask a disobedient child for permission to punish her.”
“An undisciplined girl is like an undisciplined child.”
“… many girls will create drama and start arguments with you as a way of getting you to pay attention to them, same reason why a neglected child will go out of his way to cause trouble. If he won’t hit me when I break the rules, it means he doesn’t love me.
“By placing her in a submissive position and punishing her in the same way a father punishes an unruly child, you’re infantilizing her, imprinting on her her proper station in life.”
“… if you spank her for specific infractions, you’ll gradually program her to stop doing things that displease you, in the same way a child learns why sticking a fork into an electrical outlet is not smart.”

Um, no. If she wants to behave as a child, then that is her right. Just make sure she does it somewhere else and with someone else. It is not your job to correct her behavior. She is an adult. She should already know how to behave. If she doesn’t, it is not your or anyone else’s responsibility to teach her. Forney’s belief that it is a man’s responsibility to shape and mold an adult woman into behaving like an adult is a burden that no man should have placed on him. It is a burden that any intelligent man would swiftly reject along with the woman who doesn’t know how to behave.
Not only are Forney’s methods the result of chivalry—which is the idea that men serve women as protectors even against the consequences of her own actions—but they are also the result of limited intelligence. His ideas will not produce the desired result. In fact, the opposite is true. Forney seeks to discourage what he calls attention-seeking behavior by rewarding her with negative attention. Makes perfect sense.
How about this, Matty: The first time she starts her childish, attention-seeking behavior, you simply explain to her in a kind, polite way that if said behavior continues, the two of you will be parting ways. Of course, she may test you on this. If she does, politely and quietly show her the door and invite her to come back when and if she can act like an adult.
See, Matty, that’s the way adults handle such situations. You think the way to discourage infantile behavior is to convince her she is an infant. The next time my dog chews on my shoe, I’ll buy him a chew toy that looks like my shoe. That should work, right, Matt? The next time my wife or any other adult in my life behaves in an unacceptable manner, I shouldn’t talk to them as an adult and explain the problem and my unwillingness to tolerate such behavior. No. I should encourage such behavior by giving that person what they want. That is what Forney is saying in his article.
Now you know what I meant by atomic facepalm. Let’s try the radical notion that women are adults. I know. I know. That idea is not easy to grasp since feminism and traditionalism tell us the exact opposite. But just for shits and giggles, let’s give it a whirl. Let’s expect women to behave as adults, and when they don’t, we find another woman to spend time with. See, problem solved.
This is the way adults behave when starting relationships. We feel each other out and look for behaviors that are deal breakers. If enough of these “deal-breaking” behaviors exist in a person, we move on to the next. That is, unless you believe that the pool of potential girlfriends is very limited for you. Surely Forney is not so insecure as to believe that he only has a few options so he has to program said current girlfriend into what he wants her to be. Um. Never mind.
I think I see part of his problem. He must have a woman on his arm to feel like a man. If he didn’t feel like he must have a woman, then he wouldn’t be afraid of being single. If he weren’t afraid of being single, he wouldn’t have a problem dropping her in favor of a woman who behaves as an adult. This is a problem for a lot of men in our society. They need female companionship to validate their manhood. This is one of the many things that the MHRM would like to see change. Men need to learn that female approval means nothing. To live your life the way you want, not how you think women want, is a very liberating experience. It will also get you laid. Trust me. I’ve tried it. It works.
We in the MHRM require the women in our lives to behave as adults. When they don’t, we simply show them the door. This idea that women should be disciplined is ludicrous to say the least and only reinforces the negative behavior that is all too common among modern women. Most importantly, it places the burden on the man to be a woman’s father, not her partner. This is unacceptable on a whole host of levels.
Now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see feminists trying to use their long rope of lies and deception to tie this guy to the MHRM. David Futrelle and his mouse girl, Joy a.k.a. Sael Palani, must be positively aroused by the idea. But what I find interesting is that Forney seems to have much more in common with feminists than the MHRM. One example is his antiquated idea that men should serve women as their protectors and providers. We see that all the time from feminists. They ram through ever-increasing draconian laws and policies designed to protect women and only women, even from the consequences of their own actions. Get drunk and fuck a guy, then feel self-conscious about it later? It’s not your fault. He raped you.
Then there is the idea that women should be provided for. Forney thinks women should be provided parental guidance by their male partners. Feminists work to make sure that the government provides for women like a husband or father.
Then there is Forney’s ideas about sexual intercourse.
“The reason why men want big dicks … isn’t because they want to impress girls or please them, but because they want to hurt them.”
Why does this sound so familiar? Where have I heard the idea before that sexual intercourse is meant to harm women, not please them?
It’s obvious that Forney is promoting the same misandric crap that feminists and traditionalists have been shoving onto men for years. It is nothing more than wanting men to stay put in those old gender roles that feminists had once cried were slavery for women. It is futile to assign Forney a label, either conservative or feminist, because in this instance they are both the same. His ideas about the role of men and women in society are not based on equality, as he explains in this last quote from his article.

“I hope this article helps men and girls better return to their natural sex roles.”

No thanks, Matt. Men have had enough of being women’s protectors and providers. It’s time that women behaved as adults and men began to treat them as such. Oh, and as for the wails and screeches that “not all women are like that”—I know. I married one who isn’t like that.

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