First, a Rant at Men

I’ve been an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist) promoting gender equalitarianism for over twenty years.  Recently I have been downright giddy over the emerging voices of men and women who have had enough of feminists, and are throwing the lies promulgated by them right back in their faces.

This is especially true on the internet.  These days, if it gets loud enough on the internet, even the sycophants in the mainstream media start paying attention.

But I have to say it is time to stop, at least for a moment.

The real problem we have now isn’t feminists, it’s men.  I am not talking about MRA’s, at least not most of them, but about Joe Average next door.

I might be talking about you.

And so I am here to do some male bashing of my own.  And men now have that coming to them far more than feminists.

I am not going to reinforce the stupid ideas about men that feminists have spread for so long, but to point out the stupid actions of men that have enabled feminists to keep grabbing more power without much of a challenge.

We have had a gender war, guys.  The problem is that you didn‘t show up.

While men, and by that I mean you, your brothers, fathers, sons and friends get bent over and raped in openly rigged family courts, you look the other way.

While your sons get marginalized and fall behind in ever more female centered schools systems (they now only represent 42% of college students), you have pretty much reacted by making sure the TIVO is set to get the next ball game.

While the media has portrayed you as one dimensional idiots, bumbling fools who couldn’t buy an analgesic without instructions and supervision from your wife, you have validated that idiotic treatment by tolerating it, and have indeed begun to emulate it.

While your sons are used as cannon fodder in illicit wars and are simultaneously excoriated by society for having too much power, your response has largely been:

“Man, look at the caboose on her!”

You have taken to reading magazines like Men’s Health, the COSMO for the new age male, so you can learn how to get those six pack abs and make princess take a second look at you.

And five years from now, when princess robs you of your children, your income, your property and your dignity, your best friend will console you with something really profound and helpful, like  “Dude, that really sucks.  Want a beer?”

It will happen to more than half of you that get married, but somewhere along your way in life, you hung a vacancy sign on your common sense, and you are likely helping your sons hang that same sign on theirs.

It is enough to make someone say, “Wake the hell up!”

You know, that may be the wrong thing to say.  Most of you aren’t asleep, you’re in a coma; anesthetized by a thoughtless existence, you’re crippled by one of the few things feminists have said about you that happens to be true.

You think with your penis.

And you know, though you likely won’t admit it,  when you think with your penis, the first thing it does is take your spine out of the picture.  With that goes your values and credibility.

And that is how most of you live, in a penis dictated servitude; as trained seals fearful of saying or doing anything that might cause princess to get upset with you, or, God forbid, that might keep you from getting laid.

Personally, I have seen enough of this garbage from men to last me a lifetime.  There are men and women out here right now, fighting an uphill battle you can’t imagine just to give you a fair shot at justice when the wife calls in the lawyers and the state to dissolve your marriage and your assets; to dissolve your life.

You don’t owe them or me anything, but you might, if you can pull your head out for five minutes, think about what you owe your sons.

Many of you who have already been destroyed by family courts are still raising your daughters to be replicas the princess that handed you your head, and your sons to be the pack animals that will carry the weight for them through life, only to be discarded when they are used up. Just like you were.

And you are still more interested in big screens than the big picture.  It’s completely pathetic.

This chosen ignorance is fatal.  Men die more frequently of all the top killer diseases than women, though women get the lions share of gender specific medical research money.  Women outlive men by seven years, and though they have had a national office for women’s health for decades, we are just now hearing the first inklings that we might have one for men.  It hasn’t happened yet, and wise men aren’t holding their breath.

Maybe you don’t care if you die of heart disease or prostate cancer before you are sixty.  But if you have a son, at least give him the honesty to turn to him and tell him you don’t care if he does either.

That’s not shame, it’s blame.  And if you are the “average” man in western culture, you deserve a boatload of it.

I imagine that more than a few of you won’t much like what I have to say.  You’ll have to just imagine my concern about that.  But if it upsets you, it won’t last.  All you need is fifteen minutes of acting like a lap dog for the nearest feminist, or hiding your cowardice behind words like traditionalism, manliness and chivalry. Say all three like you actually believe yourself and you’ll be right as rain.

But if you are so upset that you want to do something about it, then I have a suggestion.  Instead of buying those tickets to the ball game, or that next 12 pack, send the money to a fathers rights organization that is doing work for which you do not have the sense or the nerve.

Or how about this?  The next time you hear someone take a stupid, bigoted stab at men, say something about it.

And if it happens to be a woman, don’t say something agreeable so you can score points.  Don’t lie now, you know you have done it.  After all, what is self respect compared to some tail?  Your sons can live on their knees, too, though it is an ironic life for a species distinguished by it’s ability to stand upright.

But if you can’t manage a single moment of real backbone, please just keep your mouth shut.  You are quite skilled at that one, anyway.

There are men our here trying to do for you and your sons what you won’t.  There are already enough obstacles in the way.  The last thing we need is foolish beneficiaries to shoot us down.  Just let us do what we do. Let us be the advocates for your sons that you fail to be.

Like I said, feminists are not the real problem any more.  Men are. Youare. They launched a gender war and, rather than fight back, men just blindly followed, out of fear, out of biological programming and out of abject weakness. What else can we call it but weak when men and their sons get flogged with rampant injustice  and they react, in a thunderous collective voice, saying:

“How ‘bout them cowboys?”

I know, this is a rant, and after I have unleashed all my hostilities I am supposed heave a sigh of relief and say something conciliatory, like “Sorry if I offended.”  But the truth is that if this stuff applies to you, then you need to be offended.

You need, I dare say, whatever it takes to get you to spine up and learn to think past the next ball game or round of the horizontal bop.

If that is as far as you can reach, then you don’t deserve to be heard at all.

The following are descriptions and links to organizations that deserve some of your hard earned bucks for the cause.

National Coalition For Men
Uses lawsuits to challenge laws that discriminate against men. Successfully overturned a law in California that denied public funds to male victims of domestic violence. Advocates for men on a broad array of issues, not just fathers.

There are others, including RADAR,  Fathers 4 Justice, Angry Harry, and Men’s News Daily.

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