End Game- The Beginning

Game has made a big splash in the man-o-sphere in recent times. And of late I have begun writing on the subject myself, to one degree or another.

As a primer to the uninitiated, Game is ostensibly the tactics and methods of scoring with women while placing yourself in the alpha position among other males. I offer that definition simply from extrapolating what I have read on the subject, and as I have never found a concise definition from its main proponents.

On a slightly deeper level, Game purports to differ itself from Pick Up Artistry (PUA) in that it stems from an enhanced cognizance of human female sociobiology, and uses that knowledge to manipulate women into bed.

I have to admit that I have been frequently stuck when trying to sort this thing out. Exploring the implications of Game in juxtaposition to my beliefs as a men’s advocate drew me into an intellectual tug-of-war with myself that for weeks seemed to be a complete standoff. It’s been a frustrating time that until now had left me with about 10 incomplete essays and nothing to post.

But then it hit me. The tug-of-war was self inflicted. And the only reason I was in struggling was because I was blinding myself to the obvious. Game doesn’t really stem from PUA, it is PUA (which is also nothing new), just warmed over and re-branded with a catchy lexicon and a “new and improved” label on the bottle.

In other words, it’s male pussy centrism, just like it always has been.


Roissy and the others have unearthed, or at the very least articulated an idea that has the potential for massive utility. Understanding the Evo-psychology of women, and using it to your advantage, is an untapped gold mine for male sexual empowerment, and male protection from the gynocracy. For all their work, they have introduced us to the possibilities of Game, and now it is time to take those ground breaking efforts and move forward with a model designed exclusively with male protectionism in mind, both in public and private life.

Let’s face it. Pussy is power. It always has been. Pussy power is so great that women can have an entire world of men working like dogs and handing over their money, yielding seats on life boats, opening their doors, acting like trained seals for their approval, agreeing with whatever bullshit comes out of their mouths, and at the same time have those men nodding and agreeing when women claim that men have all the power and need to do more to make things better for women.

True to their unfortunate nature, men will pass laws, lock each other up and brutalize each other to make sure that all these feminine biddings are done.

If that isn’t power, I’ll eat my hat. And if you don’t believe me, ask Sampson, Dillinger, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, the Duke Three, The Hofstra Five or any of about a million men, from average to “powerful,” who have had their heads handed to them by even the weakest of women.

Clinton was outwitted by a 19 year old bimbo, with a little help from feminist governance. And if he had been a republican, whoa Nelly, his ass would have been fried to a crisp.

Am I making this up?

I think not.

Perhaps there was a time when the fake power of manhood worked. Hell, it got us to the moon when I was 12 years old. But we live in a different world than when I was 12. The average woman in today’s western culture should have a manufacturers warning tattooed just below the naval at birth. I used the one on the pic for the sake of brevity, but a more accurate one would read something like this:


MANUFACTURERS WARNING: Use of this product can result in early death, suicide, clinical depression, imprisonment, false accusations, destroyed reputation, poverty, spousal support, child support, loss of property, joblessness and social isolation.


Those would do for starters.

And this is where Game, if we take out the 99% bullshit focus on chasing pussy, can have a dramatic impact that can significantly improve the lives of men by helping them weed out the most destructive females, which they will more likely if not under the pressure and influence of perceived scarcity.

And that scarcity is just a perception because getting laid is the easy part. Hell, women these days are so sexually available that the whole idea of PUA would seem to be moot. There is no “artistry” to picking up women, and anyone who thinks there is should not be trusted with a box of crayons.  But the traditional methods for men to “attract” women are, in fact, a product of real historical scarcity. And while the sexual landscape has changed dramatically, three million years of programming dies hard.

But the point of Game, which I now call Zeta Game, is in recognizing that while neither sex nor women are scarce, they can both be as dangerous as they are pleasurable, and that an intimate knowledge of the forces that unconsciously drive women, and the ability to exploit it, can help men meet sexual needs and stay out of harms way at the same time.

In the end, it’s not about getting women, but in being able to select them at will, and dispose quickly and safely of the unwanted and/or dangerous ones.

You don’t need a book or a series of articles on this. If you are a quick starter, you can get everything you need to know about attracting women from these two eight minute videos. It isn’t that I am that smart. It is that women are that simple. This isn’t rocket science.

You see, the important thing here is not that I succeeded in getting laid. What was most important was that one, I put no real energy, or money, into the equation. And two, I turned the power dynamic between myself and women a full 180 degrees from what I had always known. I became the selector from a pool of willing women. No need for bullshit pick up lines.Why would I have wasted my time approaching women in bars and other places, trying to impress them or get their phone number when I could just pick among the women that were offering themselves up to have sex with me on a regular basis?

Answer, I fucking wouldn’t. And neither should you. Picking one woman and “going after her” is for men who can’t get a room full of women to come after them. And the truth is that almost any man can own that room, top to bottom, if he wants to.

And the advantage to this is monumental. You find out things about women who are crawling into bed with you, and even before they do. You can, and should, take the opt out when the danger signs show up. Too entitled? Next. Two kids and an attitude about the ex? See ya. Whatcha gonna buy me? Hasta la vista, baby. All these women are problems, and bigger problems waiting to happen, but you can adios any of them before or after having sex with them.

Why? Because there will be more waiting for you. And the more of them you pump and dump, the more the others will tingle when you walk into the room. They may hate you, or fear you, but they will want you just the same.

And why should you want to dump them so unceremoniously? Remember that warning label? Well, it wasn’t made up out of thin air. People always broadcast who they are…if you are listening.

If a woman you barely know thinks she is entitled to dig into your wallet just because she is going to sleep with you, then what do you imagine she would feel entitled to after sleeping with you for a year? After getting married?

If a woman talks constantly about the abusive, horrible men in her life, and men in general, how do you think she will end up talking about you?  And to whom, the police maybe?

The thing is, contrary to popular feminist belief, men fall in love and dedicate to women at some point in their lives. And their

tendency is to give everything. Usually the routine goes along traditional lines. Man spots girl, sets out to impress her and win her affections. He leads with his wallet, puts on his best act and ignores every warning sign she is broadcasting because he views her as a scarce resource. Because he feels like he has very limited options.


So if she accepts him, he considers himself lucky. He has found the woman of his dreams, she has returned his love, and all is right with the world.

He may spend the better part of the rest of this life finding out just how wrong he was. And in most cases, while he will find out that he was wrong, he will never know why. He will usually be incapable of figuring out that when you fish with stink bait, you catch bottom feeders. If you use your money to attract women, you get shallow materialists. If you use your willingness to sacrifice to her whims, you get narcissism. If you use deference and agreement, you get entitlement.

If you use all three, you get the typical western women.

The techniques for helping you avoid that pitfall, and perhaps find someone atypical to hang with for a while, are simple. Once you have established yourself as a sexually in demand with the women in your group, there is a code, a list of four screening behaviors and attitudes that will help cull out the deadweight (almost all of them) and set you up to find what I call a “manageable” woman. More on that in the next Zeta Game piece.

Da Rules

1. Leave your wallet in your pocket. If you want a whore, go to a massage parlor. They are guaranteed to put out for a fixed price, and they don’t follow you around and talk when you’re done.

2. Don’t “date,” women. Ever. Hang out with them. Party with them. Eat with them. But it is never a date. Dating implies financial responsibility on your part, and perhaps gives the impression of exclusivity before you desire it. You owe women nothing for their company or their bodies.

Look at it this way. You can “ask a woman out” and spend a lot of money on food and drink. But if you take the social club route as I suggested in the video, she can eat and drink with the group on her dime (or some beta‘s), vie with the other women for your attention, and then go home with you if you select her.

3. Never make a pass at a woman. Never. Stay Zeta and they will make a pass at you.

4. Remember- Sleeping with a woman does not mean you owe her anything. Not a relationship, not a call the next day, not even a promise not to sleep with her sister.

Notice something about these rules. None of them govern anything you should do, but simply show you what you don’t have to do. There is nothing here that says do this or do that for women. It is just the opposite. You do nothing for them at all. You simply live your life without regard to them one way or another. They will show up offering their goods without you doing a damn thing.

It is just that simple.

When you join a social club, make it one that you would enjoy if it were just men. Keep it in your own comfort zone. Make it a group where you can and will make male friends. It has to have some value to you without the female presence.

If you are a staunch conservative, don’t join the Sierra Club thinking it is Zeta. It’s not. Joining a group like that when you think they are all morons for the sake of being around women is fake, and it calls on you to start things off with a lie.

I know what some of you are saying. Ha! Joining any club, even one you would like, with the idea of women in mind is just more pussy begging.

All puns aside, I beg to differ.

Avoiding pussy centrism does not mean you have to crawl in a hole or only go places that you think women aren’t. In fact, that can be as pussy centric, only in reverse, as practicing PUA. Living a life that presents sexual opportunities is normal for any man. Only a few are so jaded from being screwed over that they have ruled out any possibility of sex or relationship again.

Most men will keep trying. Either to meet sexual needs, or find a “partner.” And while I caution against the latter, I understand that it is going to happen whether I caution against it or not.

So unless your goal is the complete removal of women from your life, which is understandable given what many men have gone through with them, then a sexual empowerment and risk management program is in order.

When men don’t operate out of a sense of scarcity, they have the opportunity to make better decisions. When they make better decisions, they have a tendency to get screwed over a lot less.

Next in the Zeta Game series- OK, so you started something regular, what next?

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