Murdering Mom Waddles Free

It is always a tendency in MRM forums to post stories about the horrendous amount of sexual discrimination in the legal system, both for women and against men. I made a pledge to myself that I was not going to fill headlines with this stuff because, one, it’s redundant- anyone who doesn’t know the men get the hammer and women get the kit glove in criminal courts is living under a rock.

And two, it would be doubly redundant here. In the right column I have created a “Men in the News,” section with links to relevant stories that fall into this category.

But Aset Magomadova is a different story.

In a stunning decision by the Court of Queens Bench Justice Sal LoVecchio, of Calgary, Alberta, murdering mom Magomadova was let off with probation after strangling the life out of her 14 year old daughter with one of her scarves.

That, in and of itself, is neither surprising or uncommon. In our women-don’t-do-bad-things-unless-someone-makes-them world, women have grown accustomed to taking a walk while bodies are lowered into the ground. We have become a culture, when it comes to women, that can find an excuse for the inexcusable quicker than you can drown five children in a bathtub in Houston and say Post Partum Depression.

The kicker to this one was delivered, as it often is, by the press that covered the story. PostMedia News reporter Daryl Slade, reported in a Calgary Herald story posted at that Magomadova was sentenced to three years probation with the condition that she take grief, depression and anger management counseling.

Translation: Get through the grief of murdering your daughter and then learn how to manage your anger well enough not to kill some other child.


Secondary Translation: We know what you did, but we are letting you off anyway.


Tertiary Translation: If you kill anyone else, we will extend your probation.


Justice LoVecchio would disagree. “At first blush (a suspended sentence) may seem like a get-out-of-jail-free card. It is not,” he said.

Uh, yes it is, Sal, and even an incompetent political whore like you knows it.

Between the lines in the case- actually not between the lines unless you want them to be- are facts that defy the notorious lack of reason and sexual bigotry presiding at the western bench.

The knife that the accused alleged her daughter attacked her with did not have the daughters fingerprints on it. That was apparently part of why the judge stuck down the woman’s claim of self defense.

Also, the medical examiner in the case testified that it would have taken approximately two and a half minutes to cause death by strangulation in this manner.

Two and a half minutes. How long is two and a half minutes when you have a scarf twisted around the neck of your child?

Anger management? I’ll damned well bet.

Now, it was noted in the case and the news story that the daughter, Aminat Magomadova, had a history of violence, including an assault of her teacher at school.

Any bets on where she learned that?

This is just one more shameful case in which a woman snuffed the life out of another human being and it was reduced to a counseling matter by the legal system. In a strange twist for sexual parity, it apparently didn’t matter that the victim was female, or a child. Female killers have equal opportunity when it comes to their victims.

You’ve come a long way, baby. Yes, indeed.

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