Return of Kings: the Alpha Kings and the Queens who love them

I occasionally read articles at the web site “Return of Kings” because I find self-appointed alpha males somewhat amusing. Okay, not only amusing. It can be a bit of a turn-on when I’m observing them from behind safety glass. I’m old enough now, however, to see that the gap between fantasy and reality is wide enough to be taken seriously. When I do so, I remember that I’m no fan of hanging out with or having to deal in any other way with “alphas.” Almost to a man or woman, I think of them as jerks. I reserve the right, as I did with jocks and various other categories of “tough” guys, to change my mind if I ever actually meet a nice one. But when a man acts or thinks like a jerk, the face, the hair, the body, and the physical display of anything that might be sexually arousing goes right out of the safety-glassed window. As hokey as it sounds, handsomeness eventually has to come out of a man’s eyes.

My mild interest in articles about “hot babes,” “fat girls,” “wimps,” “masculine virtues,” “irritating fags,” and treating women like cheap whores to turn them on may dissipate soon, but not before I trash an attitude frequently expressed at that website that thankfully has little hope of being resurrected on a grand scale on this soil any time soon, thanks to the massive cultural change that is currently underway that will benefit gay and bisexual men across the world.

I’m not talking about the gay Left’s political victories with gay marriage and banning reparative therapy for minors. I’m talking about a significant percentage of the rising generation having no problem with homosexuality. (“Please, that is so gay!”)  I’m talking about things like NALT, a Christian effort at reaching out to the gay community. I’m talking about old-school Republicans George and Barbara Freaking Bush witnessing at a lesbian wedding. Something major is going on, akin in my view to 1989.

I remember when the Berlin Wall fell. It was an astounding and surprising transformation, even though the world had been watching for four years as Gorbachev opened up the Soviet economy to more free market reforms, ostensibly to save socialism. On his stated goal, he failed spectacularly, and the world is, in my view, a better place for it. Well-known homo Leonard Bernstein flew to Germany and conducted Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, replacing the phrase “Ode to Joy [Freude]” with “Ode to Freedom [Freiheit],” on Christmas Day, in reunited Berlin. Thankfully, for the tiresome anti-gays at RoK, he didn’t mention a word about his homosexuality during the performance.

According to Kings Returned, that is why corporate sports are being ruined. Not due to the violence, nor the regulation by coercive, death-oriented institutions; but to the first openly gay NFL hopeful holding a press conference. The tenor of the article implies that the writer would rather have gay and bisexual male athletes keep their mouths shut in the locker room, so that “alphas” can go along in their dream world thinking that not a single guy in the showers is ever turned on by the sight of their penises.

Just to get this out of the way, gentlemen, I have disturbing news for you if it hasn’t dawned on you already: If you’ve ever gotten naked in a room full of men, you were not only checked out non-sexually by virtually every single man in the room (scientifically proven?), but at least one of them was definitely-yet-briefly aroused by glancing at your dick. If you don’t like knowing that, change your clothes and shower at home from now on. And now, back to hating certain kinds of men.

In an even sadder way, these “alphas” are showing an almost total lack of concern for what is presently happening to gays in Russia, because, yet again, their precious corporate, state-sponsored, state-sanctioned, and state-celebrating sporting events (which are termed “masculine” in the article in spite of the fact that so many of them also include the feminine) are being marred by alpha male Obama (whom neocon “alphas” love to hate), who sent three gay representatives to the Sochi Olympics to quietly protest hyper-alpha-male Putin (with whom the Return of Kings “alphas” seem to have an unending fascination) defending Russia’s latest salvo against citizens that do not fit the Russian Orthodox mold in Putin’s alpha mind. (And “mold” has more than one meaning.)

The writer of that article even slams gold medal winner Brian Boitano in an over-the-top, sarcastic tirade about his officially coming out in preparation for going to Sochi. I’d like to see the shit-headed writer of the article who calls himself The Archangel Michael do that kick (at 2:00 in the linked video) that Boitano did in the 1988 Winter Olympics, one year before the Wall fell. I guess if you’re a fag, magnificent athletic ability counts for nothing.

Neither do crimes against humanity. The atrocities being exacted on gay Russians (and you can be certain that the majority of those crimes, especially the violent ones, are being committed against gay men) that are making the headlines – while Putin’s alpha farts make the tweets – are being attributed to the anti-gay laws that have recently been passed by Putin’s government, and sanctioned by the prime alpha himself. From Policy Mic:

“The violations of fundamental, constitutionally protected rights of Russia’s gay citizens have included multiple bans on gay pride parades in Moscow and other cities, hefty fines to gay rights groups accused of acting as a ‘foreign agent,’ denial of registration to nongovernmental organizations, and regional laws banning the propaganda of homosexuality to minors, which served as a basis for the federal law enacted by Mr. Putin and unanimously passed by the State Duma. Against this backdrop, violent attacks on gays or ‘suspect gays’ are becoming commonplace [emphasis mine].”

From an English translation of Article 6.21 of this ridiculous and dangerous law: “Propaganda is the act of distributing information among minors that 1) is aimed at the [sic] creating nontraditional sexual attitudes, 2) makes nontraditional sexual relations attractive, 3) equates the social value of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations, or 4) creates an interest in nontraditional sexual relations.”

Once a word is turned into a legal word, there are any number of political interests that will focus on that word to get what they want. (Think gay “marriage”; then think about the legalization of “marriage” to begin with.)  Therefore, since Tchaikovsky, like Bernstein, was a gay composer, and since so many male ballet dancers lean in that direction, perhaps there should be a ban throughout Russia on performing The Nutcracker at Christmas, since any minor exposed to all those twinkle toes may eventually put two and two together and realize that some dead Russian man was, as Monty Python put it, “just an old poof who wrote tunes.”

Perhaps it’s time for Russians and the RoK alphas, most of whom seem to be in love with Putin (in a thoroughly non-sexual way, of course), to make a choice. Whom do they love more: a composer with a hell of a symphonic cycle and cannons firing during his 1812 Overture; or an idiot politician with crony capitalist friends that platonically kiss his ass, and who loves to show his bare chest to the cameras every chance he gets?  Is “alpha” synonymous with “stupid”?  Thus far, it appears to be synonymous with “slightly bi-curious.”

The Policy Mic article continues: “Foreign citizens or stateless persons engaging in propaganda are subject to a fine of 4,000 to 5,000 rubles, or they can be deported from the Russian Federation and/or serve 15 days in jail. If a foreigner uses the media or the internet to engage in propaganda, the fines increase to 50,000-100,000 rubles or a 15-day detention with subsequent deportation from Russia.”  I wonder if my dreamgirl Tilda Swinton was fined for holding up that “Marxist” rainbow flag in Red Square?

Speaking of dreamgirls, and introducing another favorite neocon phobia, I used to absolutely love Victoria Jackson. I still want to. I keep waiting for the bizarre shift in her thinking to be a great comedic hoax. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be. In the spirit of the original gay-hating article from Return of Government-Over-All-by-One, she says:

“Why do liberals embrace Shariah law even though ‘beheading your wife’ seems to go against the feminist movement’s mantra?  Why do liberals embrace Islam knowing it frowns on homosexuality?

“Because they have the same goals. Progressives, communists, liberals, globalists and Muslims want to destroy America. When that goal is reached, they will fight for top billing. It will be bloody.”

This is an article where Miss Jackson (I have to call her that, because I’m nasty) called a gay kiss on the television show Glee, “Sickening.”  A kiss?  Jeez, Victoria (nasty boys don’t play by the rules), you could have at least had the courtesy to pick something that would really gross people out, like fellow neocon Devvy Kidd, who reduced the ages-old phenomenon of one man romantically loving another man to “bowel movement sex.”

All of these people are still in the throes of the idea that there is some huge, Marxist conspiracy to overthrow American government, as if it would be peachy keen without Leftist influence. This is why hatred of Muslims goes so well with hatred of gays and, of course, hatred of men, in the neocon mind.

What escapes their neominds is that Marxists may embrace anything that tears down representative government; however, minus Marxist influence, that same “patriotic” system would continue to take money from men by force, compel men to register for selective service, imprison more men than any other civilized country, and routinely lie to these men about its own doings, even the men who try to save people like good little utilitarian boys.

Minus Left-leaning influence, a center-to-right government run by neocon alphas would apparently permit the quiet, underground expression of male homosexuality, which leads men like Bernstein and Cole Porter to marry women while screwing men on the side. (What every woman wants!) They would also graciously monitor any light brown man who looks Middle Eastern.

These people are hysterical about non-events that they ramp up with their rhetoric, like the “Ground Zero Mosque” screamed about by neocon Pamela Geller, which is actually two and a half blocks away from the World Trade Center, is located in the vicinity of other Muslim buildings that have been there for years, and – this is the clincher – is being run by men who had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. Little Miss Guilt-by-Association Geller goes to great lengths to frighten people by putting the Statue of Liberty in a burqa, right on the front cover of her broadside against a worldwide religion with many different facets and expressions, a tome entitled Stop the Islamization [sic] of America. Understand that it’s a given, in the minds of these faux-conservatives (the “con” in “neocon”), that it is Muslim men, along with the Islamophilic alpha males and females in American government, that will presumably be enforcing this terror on American women.

The bogeyman can be a Muslim. He can be a gay man who “recruits” minors. He used to be communist, although it’s a-okay with alphas if he used to be KGB (as long as he’s shirtless and pumped). For people who think like this, men simply cannot be accepted for who they are, because men are the primary doers in society, usually egged on by their women. Those out doing are noticed by everyone, and if what they’re doing looks suspect or frightening, then obviously they will be the ones to receive the hysteria of neocon females, and the fed-up attitudes of neocon alpha males who think that being exposed to a different expression of male sexuality means that their sacred male space has been invaded. I hate to break it to Ms. Kidd and all the alphas that are as pissed off as she is about Alphabama lifting the ban on gays in the military: They were already in the military. It’s just that now they don’t have to be silent or lie about it. Better keep your panties on, boys.

RoKers (Return of Kings wannabe alphas) talk about the red pill, but then they keep barfing bits of it back up. Their sexy bitches are content with the blue one. All of these blue or bluish-purple pillers represent the soon-to-be retired notions of neoconservatism, with its “family values” containing anti-Islam and anti-gay rhetoric. It will be a positive boon for zeta males and all other men when neoconservative virtues are drowned out by society’s mocking crescendo, as a central tenet of neoconservatism is its appeal to outdated conservative ideals that used to be much more widespread in a white-bread, nuclear family America, where rich white women like Betty Friedan had an easy time of convincing rich white men to continue with their self-hating ways by being utilitarian and disposable, and having their sexuality tamed by societal and religious forces, while women got to do more and more of whatever they wanted.

Now that religion is being assaulted by rapidly advancing scientific discovery, and neoconservatism’s negative political influence has been exposed by the sunlight of the Internet, we can expect the shrill voices of alpha males and the women who get wet for them to fall silent, some out of exhaustion, but mostly due to the indifference of a culture that will someday be guided by a millennial generation that accepts homosexuality simply as something other than default setting, and nothing more horrifying than that. Honestly, people, that is so gay!

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