Should there be more coverage of women’s sports on television?

There’s been a lot of coverage recently of the notion that we ‘need’ more coverage of women’s sports on TV. I beg to differ – other than with respect to women’s beach volleyball, obviously. So I was pleased to be invited to discuss the issue on BBC Radio Tees recently:

The sections:

0:00 – 8:56 Mike Parr interviews Shona Malcolm (head of The Ladies’ Golf Union) and myself.

8:57 – 11:51 Pre-recorded interview between Mike Parr and Steve Hewlett, a broadcaster and media commentator.

11:52 – 15:47 Mike Parr interviews Eleanor Pinder, who works on a number of projects with Middlesbrough football Club, and is a netball player.

At 13:56 Mike Parr asks Eleanor Pinder, “Is the quality of women’s football as good (as men’s football)?” Her response:

‘Erm… it’s a different level, I suppose, not so fast potentially, but that doesn’t mean it’s not watchable.’

‘…that doesn’t mean it’s not watchable.’ Priceless. Just after the end of her interview there’s a very brief exchange between Mike Parr and ‘Nick’, the traffic reporter. It’s the final 17 seconds of the piece, starting at 15:30. Don’t miss it.

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