Discredited journalist attacks Bane666au with insane stupidity

An increasingly depraved, futile former journalist, in an effort to regain some relevancy, has decided to start attacking YouTube vloggers who speak out about misandry, infantalization of women, and historical misinformation.

Using his stock-in-trade methods of quote-mining, disingenuous demands for references proving that the sky is blue, well-poisoning conclusions issued before offering evidence, explaining “what someone means” before actually looking at what they say, and other Michael Savage/Michael Moore style dishonesty, he goes after Bane666au. These tricks have been his only tools for so long, he seems incapable of noticing that they’re failing, and makes no attempt to re-adapt. Rather than becoming more rational, he has doubled down on the crazy, even while his mainstream journalist friends slowly walk away from him and his feminist masters slowly begin getting stingier and stingier with their wallets.

Here’s a news flash for those giving this guy money: you’re wasting it. Not only is he no longer serving your purposes, he’s actively harming your cause. Ginning up hysteria, which is all this guy was ever good for, doesn’t work anymore ladies. I don’t think even the widely discredited SPLC would pay much attention to him anymore.

Anyway, as mentioned, the depraved, futile faux-journalist decided to go after Bane666au, and amusingly, even with minimal experience dealing with this sort of dishonest trickery, it took Bane about 5 minutes to skewer it with no less prominent a source than…. Jezebel:

The Jezebel article in question: 12 Years A Slave: Rage, Privilege, Black Women and White Women.

It’s weird enough that people keep repeating the discredited notion that women were considered property and, hence, slaves throughout most of history. The claim itself is patently false; as a rule, being a woman no more made you a slave than being a man made you a slave-owner.

But that’s not the weirdest bit. What’s super-weird is denying that anyone ever even claimed this. A few minutes of research will turn up far more than just that obscene privileged-white-girl Jezebel article. Here’s a few more, chosen at random::

Quote from one of the contributors to the ideologically tainted and increasingly irrational “RationalWiki”: “Up until the last 50 years, women have not had the power to say anything, much less define roles. Women could not vote, or own land, or say no to sex, or say no to marriage, or hold jobs, or wear pants, or use birth control, or have a business, or be the legal guardian of their own kids. Women were property. Your argument is, in effect “slaves defined in part, what slavery was and what the roles of slaves and owners were”. To “create” roles, of any kind, you have to have the power to do so. Godot Chúc mừng năm mới 18:47, 12 February 2013 (UTC)” (And yes, while that “RationalWiki” editor is getting some pushback, you’ll see still more of this kind of crazy in that discussion, and actually being taken seriously.)

Women’s History Network: “…patriarchal baggage of marriage where women were property to be transferred from one man to another.”

Irreverent Feminism: “Before the 1920s, women were property and belonged either to their fathers, or when they became of marrying age they belonged to their husbands.”

The Question of Gender: Joan W. Scott’s Critical Feminism: “Women were property.”

Borders of Desire: “Women were property.’

It should go without saying: all of those assertions are not just false assertions. They are hateful, bigoted, nasty assertions that are horrifically disrespectful to the women of history, not to mention the men. (In other words, deeply misogynist in one direction and deeply misandrist in another.) But what’s really weird is that anyone would claim it’s not true, when anyone who’s been following ideological feminism for any length of time knows that this “women were property with no power and at the mercy of their husbands” claim is an everyday, ordinary observation within the cesspool of hate that is the ideology of feminism.

Bane’s got it right: it is not enough, apparently, for gender ideologues to make false claims about history. Apparently, when they are caught making a false statements, they don’t just refuse to admit they were wrong, they refuse to admit they ever said anything wrong in the first place.

What, do they think “Jedi Mind Tricks” actually work? Well maybe they do, on the feeble-minded.

Anyway, check out Bane’s new poster campaign and, while you’re at it, subscribe.

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