Obama on Deck with a Gun. Are You Handing Him Bullets?

99 years ago Friday, the passenger ship Titanic went down in the icy waters of the Atlantic. As metal screeched, bent and tore, and as a thousand screaming, terrified people scrambled for even the illusion of survival, a story unfolded that is uncannily analogous to modern times.

There were spots of calm on the ship, all of them provided by men resigned that they had to die in order to save, or even just to provide added comfort, for the women and children being loaded into the too few lifeboats.

Wireless operators, all men, were still manning their posts despite the fact the ship’s captain had released them from duty for a chance to save themselves.

The engine room crew, all men, continued working in the bowels of the sinking ship, trying to keep lights on as long as possible.

Even the small orchestra, all men, stood on deck playing to the bitter end. They were reportedly playing Nearer, my God, to Thee, or Autumn just before being swallowed by the frigid waves.

Indeed, the only reported place on the ship where men exceeded the expected panic for the situation was where some of the men tried to board lifeboats to save their own lives.  Some of them made it.

Some of them were shot dead by the ship’s crew.

One might think that such a thing could not possibly happen in these times and might challenge my idea that what happened on the deck of that ship a century ago is in any way comparable to what is happening today.

The sad truth is that things are worse.

Let’s take a look at just what has been going on in the past week or so, as reported on the pages of this website.

Primary aggressor laws; laws that instruct police to arrest men and men only, before even  investigating complaints of domestic violence, are on the rise. All these laws do is target men for persecution, regardless of evidence and with complete indifference to probable cause and due process.

The saga of Vladek Filler, a man accused of rape in a case where there is clearly no evidence against him, continues unabated.

FRS just reported to this site about the administrative order from the Obama administration that just made it considerably easier to persecute and destroy young men with false allegations.

And what has been the response to all of this from the public at large?

(Insert depraved silence here)

But as they say in the cheesiest of commercials, “That’s not all, folks.”

And indeed it isn’t.  In fact, as bad as these things are, they are not even the worst of it.

Dr. Warren Farrell has spent two years developing an initiative for men and boys and has presented it directly to the Obama Administration.  The proposal is for a commission on “Boys to Men,” and would address the many areas in which man and boys face substantive challenges in modern life.  It is has been endorsed by many prominent organizations and individuals.

The Obama administration doesn’t give a shit and has not even bothered to give Farrell a direct response for his two years of dedicated efforts.

As recently reported in The Daily Caller:

“Joshua Dubois, the White House director of Faith-based and Neighborhood initiatives, has said his office cannot take responsibility for moving this through,” said Farrell. “The reason he gave us was that he was focused on fulfilling what he was already assigned to do, which was to focus on fatherhood and marriage, proposals that Obama has suggested for funding as of last Father’s Day.”

Farrell’s proposal currently is sitting in Obama’s Chief of Staff William Daley’s office.

“They have acknowledged that they have received the proposal plus about 35 letters of endorsements from organizations such as the Boy Scouts,” Farrell said adding that the administration has been silent since.

How much reading between the lines does it take here?

We have seen Obama’s initiatives on fatherhood and marriage.  It amounts to a great big slimy shame sandwich, admonishing men to be better fathers while he assists feminists in any way he can to boot fathers out of their homes and paint them as demons in the eyes of their children.

And the silence? It isn’t silence at all.  It is the deafening report of a gunshot on the deck of a sinking ship.

It is clear that Farrell’s efforts are designed to put men and boys into lifeboats and save them.

And it is clear that it is the POTUS’s intent to gun them down for trying.

And this is a sinking ship, people. There will be no outrage sounded by the pitifully brainwashed public.  There will be no indignant speeches by politicians. There will be no headlines demanding answers from the administration.

Not until enough of us start sounding off.  And until we have MRA’s that don’t cower before slight disapproval and rejection from women, that sounding off will not happen.

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