Radfem 2013 Cancelled, Cathy Brennan Explodes

A Voice for Male Students, a student group based in the US, has reached out to us at MRA London with a warning about our personal safety, and possible reprisals, after we mounted an impromptu protest at the London Irish Centre over the planned Radfem 2013 conference.

Thank you guys for your genuine concern! Personal safety is an aspect which is not lost on me.

For myself, I made a personal decision sometime ago to get involved and to get out there, no matter what the consequences. Most of the people in our own group, both men and women alike, have personal experiences beyond belief, and what we realise is that we have nothing to lose — but so much to gain.

We are not professionals when it comes to undertaking direct action. In fact, Rod (bless!) the original founder of our group, even began blurting out a profuse apology to the guys at the Irish Centre over “the interruption” — until I stood on his toe to shut him up. Nevertheless, because of our action, the Radfem’s pro-violence ideology is now out in the open and, if we can do this — anybody can!

The Radfem booking was subsequently cancelled by the venue centre and feminist overlord and “Radical Hub” website (ex-)owner, Cathy Brennan, is now raging at her spit-flecked computer screen. In fact, she rants on her personal blog that she intends to go ahead with the planned Radfem conference at the London Irish Centre anyway, cancellation or no cancellation. My mind boggles — presumably this would be a bit like being rejected at a job interview, but turning up at the company for “work” and demanding a desk!

But, nevertheless, this is what Brennan says she is going to do…

We do not accept the London Irish Centre’s unjustifiable rejection of our booking. … We will have our conference. It will be at the London Irish Centre from the 8th – 9th of June.
Cathy Brennan – Radfem 2013

Whatever you say “Jill”, you’re the master race!

(The full contents of Brennan’s spleen can be found on her personal blog.)

Here is a women who is obviously not used to being told “No!” In fact, I seriously suspect that she has absolutely no idea what it means. So, I thought I would write a quick refresher for her:

No – “A negative response; a denial or refusal.”

As this saga rumbles on, I’m finding that I have a great deal of sympathy of the London Irish Centre. Possibly they thought they were hosting an event concerned with “equality” or something. Who knows? This must be a very painful lesson for them, but it’s one that people everywhere must learn.

In 2011 James Huff, operating under the pseudonym “Agent Orange,” did an exposé on the radical feminist collective blog, Radical Hub (aka “Radfem Hub”). His findings — which uncovered discussions on child murder, gendercide, transgender extermination, castration and eugenics — must be difficult to comprehend for anyone used to only associating feminism with liberation and equality. At the time, A Voice for Men put out a press release which links to a large downloadable dump of past Radical Hub postings assembled by guys at the antimisandry.com forum.

Screen capture of Radfem Forum

(The Radical Hub website was taken down in February 2013, prior to the announcement of the Radfem 2013 conference.)

For too long, the likes of Brennan and Sheila Jeffreys — an academic who teaches that “Men are the enemy” across Australian academia and contributor to the male eugenics discussion group on Radical Hub — have been allowed to hide under a rock. For the first time, we are now lifting that rock and shining a torch onto what’s lurking underneath.

It wouldn’t matter so much if radical feminists were just a bunch of harmless crazies who nobody listens to — if only this was true! They are a powerful group of women with influence throughout academia, media and law. Cathy Brennan is a US attorney in Maryland, and Professor Sheila Jeffreys is a prominent academician in Australia.

But as Martin Luther King once wrote:

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

We in MRA London, and the wider men’s human rights movement, are men and women willing stand up for males everywhere — adult men, old men, and boys of all ages. We have put everything we have into this — our time, effort, financial resources, heart and soul. We have nothing to gain other than our self-respect and self-worth, plus the experience of engaging life to its fullest extent. We are sick of sitting on the sidelines while the likes of Brennan and Jeffreys trample all over our human worth.

So, you see, this is everything to us and we are here to stay.

Notes. A record of past posts made to the Radical Hub website are easily accessible, courtesy of fstdt.com, using this link.

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